Au Revoir (A Sequel to The Stars Are My Start)

I have to say goodnight to my beautiful stars.
I'll walk away,
but you'll always be in my heart.
I hear you calling my name.
I hear your message clear.
But I'm here on the ground.
Too far to respond.
Too far to run to you.
My eyes thank me for this sight.
And I thank God.
A masterpiece beyond all masterpieces.
A puzzle fit perfectly together.
Stories intermingling with a beauty far beyond belief.
I stand here.
With the wind blowing in my face.
Sending chills up my limbs.
And I am warmed by the light.
The welcoming of the stars.
I said hello.
Now I must say au revoir.
I'll leave you here.
But you'll follow me.
When I close my eyes.
There you will be.
No phone or camera can capture.
No length of time is enough.
So I take this moment.
And wrap it tight.
And tuck it in my pocket for forever.
Oh stars.
Oh stars.
Gems in the sky.
I'm taking you with me.
Til the day I die. 


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