Breaking Boundaries


United States
43° 2' 17.3616" N, 78° 29' 52.53" W

I used to pray for times like this
graduation day upon us
the people we used to diss we miss
the people that were a little different
the ones who were a little less significant
we wanna be there but we cant
living a life a little less innocent
they shunned the crazy kids with dreams
we broke boundaries and everything in between
you see
we were a shine of light
we gleamed at the edge of midnight
we shined bright like a diamond
and listened to those who we believed had been previously enlightened
so now were graduating,
damn this is frightening
because now there is not a set future for our generation
we are forced to go into this crazy world with little to no preparation
we all think we can be the next sensation
but its up to you to you to break the boundaries to make it.

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