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When I was in hard You made me in comfort   When I thought myself low You taught me to glow  
HANGING on humor!by Debi Lyn  When Life is weighing you down and testing your last nerve; when overwhelm taunts your mind and body but you can't swerve.
HANGING on humor!- by Debi Lyn When Life is weighing you down and testing your last nerve...and overwhelm taunts your mind and body but you can't swerve. When tears threaten to fill and spill and stream down your cheeks to your ch
My love when you leave When you walk away It's my moon vanishing It's my sun disappearing I do not eat
Our tears are like carbon diamonds Look so pretty but with ugly origins And laughter of children ring our ears Stopping our social silence   Hey-
Yellow flower, grieving flower, pale flower,
Tears over death Not because you’ve left Without saying goodbye Oh! I cannot tell a lie.
Lover, you were a hurricane A tornado The typhoon to explain why some sailors never made it home And I used to call you mine And I used to call you after work   And I used to hold your hand
We do not know When we say goodbye Because tomorrow Only belongs to God in the sky
I am not going to wait for you to get illOr to die to send you bouquets of flowersRight now is the time to make you feelThat you're loved amid the rain showers.
I write a lot of my poems from my bathtub floor Soaking up sadness til the water gets cold Til my silence grows old Til my tears meet the water And the stanzas are told  
You can’t burn some memories Fire becomes them Til they darken like ash Blowing in the smoke she exhales But do not breathe them in Do not step in the ash Or the flames for that matter
I don’t understand how you can just stand there Standing beside the river I cried Skipping stones off my tears to watch how far they’ll go As if my brokenness is a wishing well you have been waiting to use
I have tears in my eyes for Haiti At Christmas But I am not crying At the midnight mass Tears could not stop flowing
So you ask me why I hate you And all I can muster is "because" You ask me because why And I tell you "because I don't" Well you don't what "I don't hate you and that makes me hate you"
I don’t remember exactly what I was doing. Exactly what made me stop. I remember the storm sending shivers through the walls The raucous thunder crashing through the skies like a marching band And the rain
I got so tired of people giving up on me That I learned to believe in myself Got so tired of my world falling apart That I learned how to hold up the sky   I got so tired of the rainy days
  This might be hard to understand Hard to comprehend Hard to accept that I’m not broken That the torture did nothing to sway me   I am not your love poem I am not your forgotten book
When the anxiety overflows When the tears start to fall When the words start to fail I see your face across the room The anxiey recedes The tears start to dry The words return
Only He can see what goes on when my door is closed. 
How does one fill a void inside? Who is there in which I can confide? I'd like to say I need to swallow my pride, But there's none left, so now I'll just hide.
When the crimson curtain closes and the lights have dimmed. All we take with us are memories. When the day fades to night and there’s a chill on your skin. All you hold close is your memory.
Dear Love, It’s hard to explain  The feeling I have for you  But l do know that they are true Whenever you come around my heart
Everyone has their own walk with grief.   Some package it up and store it away for a rainy day when they can be alone and let it overtake them.  
You took my paper-mache heart all fixed up with glue, And showered it in your great tears of rue, The tears, the tears became fountains of blue, They puddled and puddled and slowly grew,
Words in my dreams are undefined, Mission too impossible to be decline, Forgive me for being human but what is that I got wrong, Why are you scolding me as if you are singing a song?
Look a little closer. See behind his eyes of lies.  All they hold is despair, deceit, and despise.  He’s breaking into pieces. His heart is on the floor. 
Tears   Once it is morning In a garden It is The world The trees rise up To dance in the light Of the sky
My tears are like acid., As they run down my face. Burning my heart. Without leaving a trace.
Burning,My eyes are burning,A family recipe of allergies and tearsThey spill down my cheeksThey pool at my feetCryingI can’t stop itI am no longer in control hereThey go where they please
Yes, I regret The scornful dissipation Of my salad days When I was strong,   Believe me, They didn’t last too long, Believe me, They didn’t last too long.   Yes, I regret
The complaints long pending,
I still remember in vivid detail the first time my father made me bleed. It was a cold November evening and we had just finished dinner. I was all dressed up in my golden basketball jersey ready for a game.
I am drifting, a lonely piece of driftwood covered in pale moonlight on an open sea. I don’t know where I am going nor where I came from, but I am drifting. I feel hollow, empty like a piece of me is gone and it can’t be replaced.
I’ve been trying for weeks But I can’t seem to find it I’ve been biting my cheeks like the idea is inside them   But the blood starts to pool with its signature taste I feel like a fool,
To the girl who thinks being gay is a choice:   Honey what is you doing?
The first time I saw my father cry we were on the side of the road the flip phone landed in his lap from the back seat, I watched his shoulders shake   The second time I saw my father cry
Sometimes  My tears don't fall Sometimes I don't allow them to They sit there, Right near the bags under my eyes   Or right on the center of my cheeks greeting my dimple with a smile
“I am so frustrated!” the pure hurt ranged through my ears. “I am so tired of having to get stuff done all by myself.” She wept. This was my first time seeing her break down. She was so strong and always upheld her crown.
Just through the past few years, I have shed a lot of tears. There were some, in both rain and shine, So here are a few things I learned from those hard to get through times:
When you look at me, what do you see? I'm a girl who's full of Humanity. I'm someone who fights for what's right, And does no harm so I can sleep at night.   Do you see who I am? Do you really see,
Only if These Tears You Caused  Were a pathway And these drugs I did made a sign Then Maybe Maybe you would be in my life
They said she would stay, that she wouldn't feel a thing, it would be quiet and still, our goodbye's wouldn't matter because she'd never know, that they were said,
He shook me furiously and the thunder shook the house surrounding my fragile skeleton.   ~awatr
The clouds wept for they knew my pain.   ~awatr
A tight emptiness in my throat A quick consideration of options but endlessly told to say nothing Youth does not hide the terror in trying or the knife swallowed as i do nothing
All this time I’ve livedin another reality.All I did was giveand I was happy.   My reality is notwhat you would expect.But I wasn’t taught to not let it affect.  
Tears of joy in a rain of hearts. Clouds spread across the wall with flames engulfed by a passive wave. In this day I found my pain, My freedom, And my closure.  
you said you wouldnt break my heart because you knew how much it hurt   you said i would
Quiet in its blooming,  Branching thoughts of wisdom, Soft petals cascade. In lavender and gentle pinks. Then soul crushing blues, sweep the garden, petals peacefully cascading no more,
To Realize August 30, 2018 ~ Thursday They work hard every day to break you So you have nothing left to go back to Only forward
I cried today, and it's okay In hindsight now, I can't fall prey To doubt and fear, or dark dismay Their dreary biddings to obey * I cried today, it's tough to say Just why I cried, I can't convey:
As I write this,tears form inside my eyes my heart achesI'm in painyet I'm numb
Thank you Tears For getting me through the rough nights the failures the stress. For teaching me  that it's okay to worry and that it's okay to smile that I'll feel better when it's over.
Her lullaby is sung by her tears just to awaken to the same Melody. Her smile is faked so she can face the world. There are no words to calm the sadness that over flows onto her face when she's alone.
No tears left to cry as another day goes by still, you ask if I'm fine my answer will remain a lie I'll say I'm fine even though deep down I want to die I try and try to live out that lie
What do I see When I look into your deep, blue eyesI see a deafening silence that hurtsAn ache for a hug that gives comfort
I want to scream till my voice is hoarse. Yell to the sky till my throat is dry.
Skin as white as snow Veins the color of grass Heart as broken as a flower,  Each and every petal plucked Mind as broken as a record machine Reliving memories of pain repeat-reapeat-repeating
A tiny raindrop fell on my left cheek as I walked It slid down my cheek, my own personal teardrop It was as if God knew I felt like crying and he was helping me get started I didn't need his help I know how to cry
“I’m alone and I don’t even care anymore.” Is what I have convinced myself.   When can I stop pretending?
You left me so quickly. Am I useless? Do you not need me? The hole in my heart is growing, I'm turning hollow. Come back! I need you! Please!
A mask is what we wear. It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes. On the mask is a smile. Forced. Real. Unsure. Scared. Alone. Broken.
"Please stay with me, daddy!" "Please don’t leave me!"   You were walking so fast. Too fast for my little feet to keep up.
She gave him everything she had. Her body, soul, and heart, She thought they would be together forever. Her eyes folded into her face,
Slowly and sweetly arises my soul with a comforting, soothing fear. A place, not a place, a man, not a man: Heaven! I'm finally here. The guilt's gone away, tears flit to my eyes. Why do I cry in such bliss? 
Lord, give me pain. Let me feel every tear that wells up in my eyes, Every moment my heart is shredded to pieces, Lord. Give me pain and give me torment, Let my soul wrench for the poor and for the needy,
Would anyone care if I dropped off the earth, Would anyone shed a tear? Several sobs, a few gasps, some chairs at my funeral,  Then I'm just simply not here.  Would anyone care if I ended my life, 
The woman's tears were beautiful; the rarest things tend to be. The less a fragile soul is seen, the more tender and sweet it seems.
Tears set in blood on a child's face, A child betrayed by older men, Dissolve with a blush of embarrassed shame, As five long years of silence begin.   Confused hands tremble in a disoriented state,
The razor no longer slides through my wrist,  But I'm bleeding through the falling tears. I have it all. I have the friends. I have the love. I have the family.
It all seems like a nightmare My eyes can’t even meet your stare They burn and sting with the power of a thousand bees Lord knows I’ve cried more than the seas
Lost in a sea of loneliness- Drowning in this ocean of tears. I have no life. I'm suffocated by fear. Visited the Lord just once- Guess I've died the second death. Trapped in my mind to scream and yell;
Meeting eyes with you was like staring at a picture that has been hung in the living room my whole life. You were so familiar, yet you never failed to catch my attention.  
We were in love once, not long ago. You said that you could never let me go.   You kissed me with all of your energy Maybe that's why you set me free  
  Instead of giving me a necklace Made up of his hands   We sit in his Grand Cherokee And listen to our favorite bands  
The silent tears roll down my face Soon a fire takes their place My eyes look up with murder and hate My skin a cold and pale slate Your hand that reaches out for mine And gently coaxes the angry cat
Dear Death,To you I've never cowered underYet casualties of those I loveWill tear my life asunder
We had no plans and began to drive Into the small town that had tried to hide   From a paper map, hung on the wall it would seem to be fields that only stretch on  
Have I left My beloved one The one that I asked the skies for In exchange for my career dream As her smiles will go missing As her kisses will go missing Will I be able to continue?  
Don't waste your tears... one day they may be all you have left...
A letter to my tears,   Why must you always leak from my eyes? Slowly trailing down my face And leaving a river - A canyon, rather -
Everytime we argue, we create a storm. You say things you don't mean- please don't make a scene. Those vulgar words you say, I wish they could be unheard. And as we separate- the clouds they turn grey.  
Teardrop smile,She rolls with grace.Sad.Happy.Angry even.It rolls with grace,Your teardrop smile.
It was sad but beautiful, the ways she learned to cry. How she learned not to use tears  to express how she truly felt. How she picked up a pen and rewrote her prayers and redrew her dreams.
Alone climbing alone sweating on hands and burning in heart under those morning gray skies whose presence softly but rightly underscored the rhythm and poetry filling my ears
Tears are not unfinishable In the ducts of my eyes There are tears of joy Have I bled tears of pleasure? Mine are from deep my heart Those of anguish, sorrow and self-pity.
The constant eradication of a soul A soul broken into pieces of a whole Leads to a stone heart That can no longer feel pain
Because I love you, I want to help other children like you Because I love you, I will study my hardest Because I love you, I cry that you are gone Because I love you, I miss your laugh I miss your smile
We are all cardinals in the night,  standing bloodred against the shadows as we strive to hide.    Our feathers conceal tears  which have sprung from our veins.    Soar to the sky. 
I know it's over even though it never really began...   I know it's gone, with no chance of ever coming back.   But in my head and my heart, it was so real.  
it's scary how one bad memory can make you forget all the good ones, how a single word can overweigh a whole book and how one smile can hide a thousand tears.
A raindrop on the windowpane A teardrop on your cheek   Slowly running down Followed by another   Are you crying? Or is that rain?   It hurts to see you there
I was sixteen And with an open heart I did dream and fantasied alot I was loved and knew it I strolled to adulthood en route I fell in love and my imaginations widened I would lay awake all night
They tell me not to give up. But I didnt understand what they meant. Not to give up on life? Not to give up on myself? Ah! Wait. But I had already done that.
If you only knew how special you were to me, you wouldn't treat me like you do. But you treat me like trash because you don't know how much I really love you.
You taught me to wait Because you said I love you back You taught me that it was okay to accept apologies When your actions were like a song stuck on a broken track.   Because I loved you  
It's been a while since you shattered my heart. You left me all the memories to remember, i don't regret any cause I loved you from the start. I still see your smile in front of me, i still feel your touch on me,
Deep inside is where it hides,  I tried and cried but on the outside im bright,  People don't seem to notice my painful tears    my broken heart and a worthless thoughts,  I tried loving you with everything I had
Sitting on the floor,Our hands interlocked, pulling,My eyes watering, The anger in his eyes,The suffering, the madness,The gun between us.
It has started, the final battle. This struggle of emotions, that slowly takes over   Everything comes to  halt, a stand still, a dead puls, all the struggle   But it should not hurt this much.
I cried tears of color  I cried tears of blue  I cried tears of red; and the color ran through I cried tears of color  each a different hue I cried tears of dread  as my mind thought of you.
They drip and slide so quietly They are coldThe tears form a puddle And into it she looksAnd sees her reflection Such sad, dark eyes And the girl whispers Through cracked lips 
Do you ever wanna cry but the tears won't come?For the fear, and the shame, and whats been done.Do you ever wanna cry but the tears are drowned?All you left with is an angry frown.
Tinkling, As they fall,  One by one  Into the deep abyss
I am sad but never mad no one knows why I dont get how people can smile when they see people cry
Little, littlest love Can you love me When I'm small, smallest When I cry, cry the most   I stutter, trip over my words My tears big for a rain I hover, my heart heads Logic after my pain
I cried today.. I cried yesterday... And I almost cried the day before yesterday.... The First Official Tear Drop
Ocean eyes frozen over, silenced  by the string of letters forming hateful words rolling off the tongue of the person who she thought would never use words as bullets 
You only know you're alive Because you're breathing And cause the hand upon your chest Can feel your heart beating You only know you're living  Because you can feel the pain
The dark clouds roll in with the promise of rain. And I sit here staring out the window with tear stained cheeks, alone in an empty room where the shadows creep. I await the crying of the sky
It started with her. The chemotherapy was abortive and it didn’t repair the damage to her lungs. It seemed absurd to waste time analyzing, every word I came across,
I saw fateful stars, Not twinkling with lullaby dust, But searing, scorching, bright with meteoric impact. I stumbled into black, a murky, messy plight of blurry edges, hollow words.
Showering in my own tears. Thinking about all my fears. My eyes, will they clear? I can't control them They keep coming out. Alone but surrounded. My pain going down the drain.
No matter how alive My mind is Emotionally, I am numb I am nothing I stare blankly as my whole world Just falls apart And I fall apart with it Please, someone Hold me together  
What is it like to watch me cry? What is it like to wipe away the tears from my eyes? Do they match in color? I can tell you what it is like  To watch you cry Every heave of your chest
 They come so often It is not a surprise anymore For these visitors are Now residents In my eyes I barely notice them
I glance down at my legs and see a familiar sight Droplets of unsure tears gliding down my thighs I wish that I could comprehend the darkness that's within I can see the demon's shadow
Turn the pages and you’ll find Me. Just get lost in the Words. You’ll find my voice as loud as Lions. For all the times I’ve been Misheard. Broken down like glass before You.
Things were fine in the beginning. We sangWe danced, we laughed we played. You told me you only had eyes for me.I thought it to be true. Then you told me That we were not meant to be. And I cried.  All alone with my thoughts.
Dreary clouds spread across the skyThe weather reminds you of a recent goodbye Rain is streaming down the window panesYour face is covered in tear stains
Excess is success But it's also destruction I'm trying to suction the Thoughts out of my mind   That scream I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine I'm not fine, and the reason why
Crying Without holding back the tears Has become a habit for me. Almost everyday, I either watch something sad Or think about something that saddens me. But it always happens in the night,
Did i suceed? or did i go blind? because of the greed i got tears in my eyes  but no longer I see  and tears eventually dry  so suck it up you fiend its not as if you died 
I miss you. I never wanted to admit that, But I really miss you. You never told me the password for the PS4 And your Sly Cooper icon is Iconic. Heh, get it?
In days of sadness, stress, and tears I cheer myself up  because I hate when my mascara smears.
  “Poem Cry”  Sometimes I get emotional Sometimes I cry for no reason Sometimes I feel alone
It’s against the rules to bawl here. Not because someone said it, not because it would hurt anything. Just don’t cry. It’s that simple. Just don’t feel. Quit it.
And his mama asks "what's wrong?" And he mumbles "nothing" And he runs to his room, And he bangs the door shut. And he sits on the floor by his bed, And he sticks his headphones in his ears,
His smile wasn’t always muddled in the shadows Their hands clasping curls from his head smashing his body into the bus seat He is strong; not a sound came from him and his tears were locked away
Salt is an accessory, not to be consumed aloneBut, salt is bitterShrewd white crystals that should be used in moderationBut I ate too muchClumps grasp at the walls of my throat
The way my heart set up is undescribable My love for you? Yeah, thats undeniable As I sit on the steps and cry....All I do is wonder why? Then I wipe my eyes....You wanna know why?
My life is in shambles. Now I know how the cookie crumbles. Never have I ever been in so much trouble. But now so burst is my bubble.   My worst fear led to my jubilation,
Crying. I was up crying for you all night. I don't know you. I've never seen your face, Yet I was crying, crying, crying.   I wanted you there. I wanted you to hold me.
I hold her hand as her world liquifies through her eyes, I listen as she narrates the lies, Recreates their lows and highs. How time flies, Only yesterday he said, "Surprise" Proposing to her, that was so wise.
I wrote a poem it was so sad, and into this poem I put everything I had.   When I was through and still feeling blue, I stained the paper with my tears as I thought of you.  
I feel like I died a million deaths How can you not feel the same? I would say my tears are just allergies but really my heart cannot be tamed   I feel  useless seeing you with your other
A flow from within. Deep within the soul it flows, Pouring from her eyes.
I’m afraid to give my words to you I’m afraid of how they will taste in your mouth Will you get drunk on them? Or will you throw them up? I hope you get so drunk Ever single letter will become 
The person who always looks happy Is the one that gets hurt the most The person who always care about others Is the one that gets hurt the most The person who always works hard
The red ink is beautiful, It oozes from dark to light, Brought upon this clean slate With a sharp quill that glints in the moonlight. Gliding along the paper, The sharp quill glows,
Under the moonlight, I understoodwhy darkness asked for my companyor why the stars were winking at meeach dreamless night.I knew of my existence not as a human
Heavy once again Sorrow permanently Permeating Penetrating Over and over The insecurities  Stab like darts Tears well up  Out of nowhere Leaking and spilling
Tears are miracles.   Mixtures of wet weakness and dry determination. Reflections of past problems, current concerns, future fears. Reflections of forever friendships, lasting loves, and solvent strength.  
leave me be let me see for myself the cruelty  i know you supposedly didn't mean to hurt me so why am i sitting here with my heart bleeding and these tears streaming let down and left down i lay praying
I used to think it was normal To cry for three hours about nothing. That it was normal To think about dying at least once a day.
Beatings, bruising, cuts and scars Smiles to hide the pain Wishing on a shooting star That I could fly away   Heartbreak, tears, screams and cries Hidden day by day Covered up with laughter
Darkness envelopes within the soul. Consuming first from the edges like a t-shirt stained with blood We look into ourselves for hope
Poetry, building up inside me. It fills me up until my lungs explode, It’s love, that brims at the seams as it sloshes
Her tears fell down her face As she let her crown fall He picked her up slowly Knowing she no longer trusted him He kept repeating sorry But all she felt was the vibration of his lies
When the pain sets in and your heart begins to sink, you almost forget you were born a human and not a robot as the weight suddenly becomes too heavy to hold. As you bite down on your quivering lips and inhale through your nose.
I reminisce of weightlessness:  peering down into 10, 20 feet of air. My delicate days,  I recall, as a haze  full of branches: a careful cloud  of offshoots  that, long as I could, 
Nine hundred and ten days Many days filled with laughter, Few filled with sadness. Nine hundred and ten days,
sometimes it's not about the tears shed even though they are it's not about how deep your wounds lead even if they lead to your heart it's not about the words left unsaid or what you did in the dark
The face I see in the glass won't smile back at me, and I can't help but wonder why. I guess she isn't who she wants to be, and it always makes her cry. The water rushes down her cheek like a flood, salty and as thick as blood.
As the days go by, this arduous feeling grows. As I lay there, I can picture your faces in the patches of the sky. Dark and grey, I begin to feel your tears run down my face, It was time for me to let go. 
I wish it all to stop, I am tired of these tears, these aches Pressed into me and stamped on my back. I am searching for sunshine And for these tears to relax. Relax in the sun or in the shade.
It's been 15 nights in a row, rainstorms have passed and left my pillow drenched. My chest is filled with dark smoke and shattered glass, I am left with nothing of my own, not even myself. But it's okay, I know it'll be okay..
"Try, just try They shout across the void But false hope,like a lie It's my mind with which they toyed But real are the tears in which i cried Am I more than a mindless droid? Not to them
I was afraid to ask  If she called me quiet I was teetering on the edge Of an abyss of silence Never admitting To my apparent muteness  For fear it would settle  As a permanent outer skin 
"Stop with the lies And the hate And the hurt Filled with their cries Cause we treat them  Like dirt A small child shies At a hand  Raised to hurt This word is not mine
"Tired of fighting  Chains that you don't see? Tired of bleeding Feeling like you cannot flee So tired of hoping For a moment of relief  Tired of searching  For the right key
They tumble down your cheek Each time you lie A feeling I Reserve inside So I cry
"When will the dying end? when you shed your last tears Tired of smiles being just pretend But too scared to face our fears When will the hate cave in? Only crying when no one hears
"These strings are heavy  These strings are poor It's me they steady As they close the door I hate these strings I hurt, it stings To desert my meaning."  
"Your smile fades  As you look away I see the broken pain That is causing me shame Why couldn't I see What was pointed out so clearly I went looking for trouble  But it was right in front of me
"It's hard enough to live Without the hurt and pain But I can't seem to win Or stop the awful shame But since I'm not seen at all I watch my spirit fall And try to find a way
In the shower tears are allowed The fresh water covers the taste of the salty drops Blurry images, white clouds     The colorful curtains block the crowd
 OH My Lord my Lord don’t cry My brothers and sisters do not know any better My Lord of Lords sheds tears, cascading down unto earth.   My Lord, your tears are like the oil that fills my cup of truth
 tears fall from my eyes like leaves from the trees in november - 11/15/1995 3:18am - kenneth p rougeau jr
"Truly I should be working, no?" Whispered the little student "Surly this is what’s right" She fretted in her mind "But why should I do it? Why? oh why? oh why? Why is it such a stress?
The morning sun Shining on my face Blending in harmony  With my tears   Tears of pain Tears of sorrow  Tears of hate And some are just there   With every tear
And he will be standing in the spotlight again... and I will be hiding in the shadows from him... Long talks, long nights, a handshake and a goodbye. It is the final curtain call!
My brain is taking complete control and it just won't stop. I keep shaking all the way to my soul; I can feel my heart drop. My hands go over my ears,
If tears are only saltwater streaks, then my heart must be as wide and deep as the ocean and just as rough and salty.  The waves are crashing  against me, but I only feel numb now.  
"I am sorry" was what he kept repeating. 
I spend yet another night, jonsing for a kiss only you can give me, longing to be held only in your arms, wanting to cling onto you and lay down in our blissful silence, saying so much but at the same time, not much at all.
Terrible is the night we wait on When the terrible things arrive. The blame is placed, The hand is stilled, The suspense ticking alive. Fires all set blazing
christ chose to lift her at this time, "To die is better than to live," is written in the Book of Life.
One by one,
My tears, were private All the dying. And the suffering  There was no one.  That I could talk to. I suffered alone. My tears, were private. Can you see, 
Until our hearts hang by a rope,
Who is she among us silent  The very thought  that once we hurt and left alone be lost in intolerable 
you are a fire breathing dragon you are cancer
Words coming down, Hurtful and unnoticeable. Pang settles in the heart, Uncomfortable and unbearable. Next comes the tears, Wanting to wipe away, Yet with pride in the way,
Rain splashes down like the tears I feel inside. They slide down the window panes, reminding me of the pain inside. My mind cries, shouting for you. Suddenly the sun bursts through, a silver lining on a cloudy day.
I remember the time I first saw my mother cry. Her soft blue eyes were puddled with red.
Family sits around the fire, faces covered in pain. I look up at the sky, to see acid rain. It's taking her down, angel crown being stolen, crown. There is no fun in funeral.  
A B C D E F G, I nod my head, A flat B flat, I stare at the ceiling, C flat D flat, I lie wide awake in my bed.   Though sound may fill my mind, I pay no attention,
I look at people and see,  see the truth and power they carry. I want that within me, why can't this be?   Words cause pain, you may not know it, but I look at my eyes and all I see is rain,
Honey please, put the razor down Please, don't tie that rope to the ceiling We need you here I need you here And somewhere, your future love is waiting for you
I always caught myself cry Alone, in the bed where I lie It feels so good to cry
You have had too much hope Inside your soul And when you wake up With blood streaming down Your legs And tears Falling down your face The first person you want to curl into
Another day Another tear shed It seems that is all my life is Another tear
Depression creeps into the pores of my skin.  It carries weight and all it does is makes me want to sleep.  It burries me into a hole that is very deep.  No one understands what I am going through. No one understands me.  
What color is perfection? That elusive transcendence from reality That which demands unnecessary change I see you, and you are transparent.   I am flesh and bone I bleed when I am cut open
The tears are always present But not always do they flow The flood gates are weakening The walls are beginning to bow.
She brews her ownbecause she likes to seeSepia seeping upShe cannot sleep so sheNeeds coffee to keep her eyes –brown ringed around soft green– awake 
Silent tears run down my cheeks As I try to get some sleep   Days may come  And Days may go Though you may never know   Silent tears fall from my eyes I hold onto a hope that never dies
Painful infatuation    The only escape is    Transcendence of the human situation   Finding love, illusory promises of elation  
The earth slows to a stop And everyone cries
Maybe at times i did things that hurt, but i tried so hard that you will always see That having you was a blessing for you and me.
His face was like looking at time itself Everything moving froze in his wake A chilling daze spread throughout his cheek As if one had now crossed over his own cemetery His nose was curved up into a vicious beak
Things aren't right but you can't tellIt's like I'm trap all alone in this cell
Again. It came crashing down on my windowsil. Raking, tapping, billowing. It clouded my thoughts, yet cleared them too. It reminded me of you.
You may have it all, With your lovely eyes and bashful smile, But all of you won't matter in a while. I've given in to the greater good, And it's time to let it be understood.  
I promise to be a tissue for you.  Absorb everything.    Take my side when I'm right.  Argue when I'm wrong.  Slap me to your sense, as I will slap you to mine. 
I watch as the tears roll down my face as i tell you the story of what has happened  i give up as i let my flaws come out and let you see them  i let the salty tears stream down my face now
Latching on to things that stick. Holding tight, but losing grip. Adhesive wears and tape grows dry, But time extends in Elmer's eyes.
You give me tears, you give me love, but there's more you do that lifts my heart, eve
My dreams are re-told stories that swamp my mind while I sleep. They're all violent, but never entwine in one another.   One. I'm smothered.
  A single  drop of a  salty liquid
Tears don't mean sad or pain, Isn't even flow from wounded heart... Tears are way to express joy and sad... Emotion charged when fervently warmed... In Very sad or Ecstatic joy, 
Flowing through me like A never ending river My tears fall once more. 
Oh my darling, please don’t Don’t let depression sear your heart I know it’s hard to say goodbye But sometimes friends must part  
  Give me hope, Humanity- I'm livin' in a nightmare. Praying for better dreams;   Jesus weeps As he hears the  Screams of the  Saints.  The holy shouts.
No one can see The pain in my eyes No one can see When I cry No one can see That i'm dying inside Thise comments you make Hurt like hell Those comments you made Left marks on my skin
Every morning I awake With the Overbearing Sense of Dread That everyone Expects Me To carry Silently.  This
Only I knew, that I prevoked this  /  Theres no closure nor a farewell kiss  /  I had looked in to your worried eyes  /  Such an enchanting shade of blue  /  I decided against the easier lies  /  I whispered I couldn't ever love you  /  I never f
There is a road that I know. A road that none have traveled with me a road that dosen't seem to  exist  to Them.
I cry when no one's watching. So they never hear my tears.    I wait 'til they have gone, 'til it's silent.       'til the silence screams at me.        I yell back.               And cry.
Where can you find a blessing
From innocent birth to a peaceful death, the wheels of a hearse become our last breath.   For those who believe, and for those who dismay; there is such a place, to where all may stay.
Note: read the words in the tear right before the last line.    
She lays on her bed
I could erase that lonely feeling  Of you leaving me that day I could take all of the pictures Of you and me out of my photo album And throw them all away  But no matter what I do
And then I cried Lost in an air of vague and blind Found at the bottom of a beer can Only drunken minds seem to make sense Expressioning emotion oppose to logic
The rendition of the vision The path under the break The voice grating in my ear The ways I always shake Your hands all over my body The words you sat are praise The actions that delower me
What heavy burdens a heart must carry From the times of love to the times of sorrow  But all will be good and new by tomorrow
I guess I was wrong about you, I'm sorry I wasted your time. Kill my hope, my heart, my dreams, my soul, and mind. It's time for you to destroy me, What's left of me anyways.
I speak to say hello. I'm here, and I exist. I'm not here for very long, But I'm here, and I exist.   I paint so I can see The colors swirl around. I draw the motion and emotion
Tears fall, hidden perfectly by the smiles of the day No one sees the anguish No one hears the sobbing All they see is my mask of a smile   Does anyone wonder about the story behind my mask?
When the house shakes, the walls crumble. Then the weight of the world is on my shoulders. I'm surrounded by water. I can't see. I can't breathe. I can't think. Further, and further I sink.
Money or Starve  by Andrea Victoria
Did I grow too fast? Was it suposed to be this way? Youth is a state of mind. Yet we dwell on the physical. We are an embodiment of the costant reminder that we are nil.  
I wasn't prepared for this I wasn't prepared to have to grow up so fast Being 18 and not even knowing how to drive has taken a toll on me Being 18 and not even knowing how to be confident and independent has angered me
Brain crackling like electricity touched it. Sharp taps at the back of the skull as if it hit cement. Chest tightening, heart missing, one large gaping hole, no lungs for a single breath. Bloody fingers.
Rain Rain Never Go Away You are the only one that understands my pain When everyone shuts me out You open your clouds up and cry with me
Tears roll down my cheek. They wash over my dirty face like a flood in the desert, Whisking away the filth and barrenness, Revealing the rich brown underneath.
I cry from time to time I don't let myself have these feelings until I'm alone
I wear black, and cover my eyes. I hide my scars, and hold in my tears.   I hide my face from everybody i know. But when it shows, my smile is fake. I'm good at hiding my pain.
I am angry and upset! I feel like a fool! Not eveybody knows, good! Keep it that way! I wanna say I'm crying, on the inside. I do not love him enough to shead a single tear.
Wake up! The sound of your mother yelling your name as you smell the fresh coffee being cooked. So you while you’re getting dressed and doing your making up listening to music you hear beep beep a sound I set on as an alarm for Facebook.
Look up at the sky
Haven't seen your face in a while; I miss your smile.
Drip              Drop   Drip                     Drop      Drip             Drop    Drip         Drop Drip                Drop The rain is falling On my heart. The tears of many
Sleepless night and a flickering light the shadow glares, from above it snares   slow tunes fill this space with nostalgia
Father.. Can you hear me? Does my words matter? My mind runs with questions that you left unanswered. Left alone..Confused.. Unwanted.. I thought you loved me? I can only be lied to so many times.
Trembling they rise Immersed in my grief Ferrying my troubles with them   Dancing they fall Catching the light Diving down my cheek   Eyes bleed my miseries Wrist bleeds my soul
So lost, still lookingWhere's the never found?I gaze with fixed eyesThis dark quest has me cemented My heart is dementedMy whole solution is buried Underneath the land of the hopeless
one, moment that changed our lives. as you told me the news  Holding my hand  Two seconds for it to sink in  I let the tears fall three days before you left walking away from us leaving 
A smile on my face pretending nothing is wrong, being scared, nervous, and sad it was unbearable and it happened  that strong.
   Before the fourth of July. I never knew pain so severe. Expecting a few firework shows with enjoyable sound. The bright vivid colors seem to amaze us all and make the little kids go wild. Instead i ended up with the opposite.
Once in a while I'll admit The bathroom is the perfect place for tears The darkest shadows are filled with light The deepest holes are inches deep The thickest blaknet won't cover
Cancer   The word wrapping around you like the tumor that continues to move sweeping melancholy through the veins   To young ears such a scary word  
Turn on the radio Max out the volume Do you love this song? That song speaks to you On a level no one can ever imagine   Not the whole song but Just that one line the artists says
You lose yourself in a mirror
...sitting in a room, empty, consuming  the thoughts surrounding the little heart inside as a tear begins to form, and slowly falls to the floor, a voice silently questions, what are those tears for?
hes just misunderstood. by day hes a rebel ditching black eyed stoned reckless  sitting back in his chair with his glasses on hiding sleeping eyes and the teachers say nothing
Fresh flesh bleeds upon the ancient grounds of history Flesh that isn't our own Those chunks of human life belong to our brothers and sisters born to delete the wrong doings of war sickened people. They fight.
She told me last night A whisper on the porch Her face was a smile, Masking her tears. I wanted to scream I wanted to hold her tight And tell her it would be ok. I wanted to throw something
 I see you. You see me. Our eyes meet, But out mouths don't speak.  
Dead eyes move in slow motion Dead eyes see so much pain Dead eyes look into the past With the lenses of retrospect, dead eyes see everything more clearly Dead eyes stare off, stilled by hurt and sadness
She cries when no one is watching She acts like everything is okay She lets you think that she is strong  When deep down inside she's nothing but torn   She keeps her distance
This morning I saw you I saw you talking And laughing And smiling With all your friends around you And I started to cry Tears dripping down my throat And into my heart  
I’ve never felt so lost, Nor felt so helpless, alone, angry and frustrated. Nor have I ever cried so much, or as often. Never have I asked “why” so many times. I’ve never been so weak.
The rain. The rain. My bare feet on the cold wet ground. I stare across the vast expanse which is my city. The trees. The houses. The lights. The cars. As the rain falls, my world seems to go in slow motion.
She lived in Kenya, Only knew her ABC's, Moved to America at eleven years old, Taught herself English, No one helped her, She fell behind, And yet her heart never failed,
Work Work W                 O                                 R                                                 K That all you do, But what about me? We are the children of the world,
Cameras are flashing Smiles are from ear-to-ear Heart rates increase Tears shed down one's face The sounds of the applause send waves in one's ear Class of 2014 The day finally came.    
oh father what has happenedto you? what on earth stole from you your guitar? and told you to stop singing to your baby girl?  oh father theres a darkness that settles in your eyes thsese days.
i am in titanium cuffs locked by my inner thoughts im chained to a brick wall with chains crafted by my dark past i am bundled and gagged with rags weaved from my own fear and doubt and i have lost control.  
One time, i wrote a poem On a piece of paper with  No lines. And i cried, Smudging all the little letters. The ants drowned by Saltwater. They thrashed and thrashed and thrashed,
For about an hour or so I sat there in the shower With the water turned up to fire. I let the water douse me in its flames Until my skin burned red. I gave myself permission to cry, Yet no tears came.
OutsideThe entirety of my resolve runs with the river of tears thatTrickle, thenAfter a brief moment of suspenseBreak free, carvingCruel lines down my ravaged cheeks, a howling flood letLoose. My eyes are
My mother of Resolution A mother of hope A listener of wisdom My detective of crime Understanding of all imperfections   Loving, caring, compassionate
One who gave me Love               Delicious and delicate             Fine curves and edges             Perfect imperfections
Tear drops of you Every shutter I can only remember Finding myself so close To someone who knows   The same pain The same game Compatible with me Someone who can see  
As precious as they are They seem to fall No matter how I try They betray me
The rain began in my brain, Its lightning strikes my heart. Its torrential downpour Takes sight away, Tunnel vision
They looked, at his face in
I wish I could cry properly. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror Staring deep into myself Picturing the most impossibly  Dead image Trying to push the tears out Feeling absolutely no moisture
When you want to cry You don't know where to go Don't know where to hide Knowing those moments leading up Those words or lack there of Words which stay in the head Which way to look
At time like this, I clench my teeth so that the tears don't fall. When I hear the words that come out of your mouth, I feel useless, incompetent... Like a dead weight. Sometimes I wish I hadn't been born.
Tears are the cure to sadness,
I feel tears trying to come out of my eyes
 She cries into the nightAs she heads for the skyHer face is full of PainShe has nothing to gain. She cries herself to sleep
I feel as if, if I let a tear drop my body would erratically shatter. To bite the bitterness away with coldness. To repress the said with utter and complete numbness. To shiver away the sense of alone. To drift off and never return.
My heart is heavy.it is a wrecking ball: stone cold and rock solid.weighing me down.the weight of it,
I thought you were something special, Not like any other boy, But I guess I thought wrong. I thought I had finally found someone who liked me for me; Someone who wasn't just there to admire my body,
I cry when I don’t write because I am unable to speak. 
I tried to give you a chance. All you wanted to do was play games. My love out in the open; obvious at first glance. I fell for the charm; the way you said my name. The way you held yourself. I was blinded.
Today I look back on what my life once was. The pain and heart break I endeavored.
Trying to bury the past. But it keeps coming back to life. It drains my energy. Lives off the many tears i cry. I try to shake it off but it isn't gonna happen. I thought i was done with it. Why does it keep reviving? No. Leave. Go away.
I ran. As fast as I could. To try to get away from him. From the hurt. But he always found me. I screamed. I ran the other way. But I found myself in the end back in his house.
See I am, the creator, I write the lives, and the lies, that I tell, to keep me alive, and well, a dream, could this really be not reality, but pain, creates our world in reality, the rain, resemble tears that we shed, and I see, why god, won't
Sometimes we threw punches, Both verbal and with our fist, Though the bruises left over, Whether on our ego or on our face,
He reaches out because he is lost - He is so tired of drowning his sorrows. When instead of compassion he is met with disregad, He finds himself falling even farther.  
Back to the pen and paper to write this last chapter. A year ago life as I knew it came to an end. You don’t need a summary, you know… But what you don’t know is how I have dealt, Or rather not…
Tears fall down my face, And I try harder to push them all out. Tears fall down my face, And my eyes won’t stop squinting.
I take the time, fake the crime Of being anything but a friend, I tend to shake from slime. I saw terror, panic and a loss of it all, I cross and I fall but life's boss is so small.
Flowing through my classeswalking down the hallspeople start their laughingso I look down as I walkI pity classless filthy trashThat's just the way I feelSometimes I shatter like glass
War, meaning to bring more gain,  only to cause much more pain. Seeing the tears. Feeling the pain. Hearing the cries, the cry of war. A child, climbing out of her broken bed,
The scream filled his  Heart first Then crept up his spine And throat, where it lodged In place. No sound came  From his  Parted lips. No words that Could describe the
I cry at the sound of rain Cringe on the dreariest of days Reminders of the death that surrounds me   Years have past Forgotten memories eat at my soul The voice I once knew so well, disappeared
I look in the mirror and see many faces.I see the face of a seventeen year old girl,Shoulder length brown hair and circles under her eyes.Wipe off the mirror with your sleeve,and you’ll see something more.
Nothing – Seeing clear as day In the suffocating black of night But cringing with confusion When the sun sheds its light Knowing there’s an answer Not caring if it’s found
Shall I compare thee to the deafening silence of night? How it is strong and angry, how it crushes my day into tomorrow, and keeps a lock around my sight. At times you grasped me so tight,
The Little Astronaut   The sorbet horizon slowly faded away Tangerine, lavender & mellow yellows gone
tomorrow i will be sad again. did you know? tomorrow i will be fulled with sorrow because there is no more me and you. do you know? tomorrow i will cry and you will not know. tomorrow though that will be my last tear.
Imagine yourself. Being trapped in the, Twin Towers. Knowing you're going to die. And you have one decision to make, either to suffocate, from the smoke, or jump to a fast,
Rolling with sorrow When there’s no guarantee of tomorrow Cooling the intense heat of heart break Running with honor and pride The kind, one just does not hide Revealing relief Outlining joy
There are some old notes at the back of my closet. I haven't been able to get rid of them yet. There is a rusted ring at the bottom of a cup holder. And a bunch of letters inside a folder. 
Never look my way With eyes of passionate glass Of that of a doll
Tears so simple and complex like the waves of the ocean moved my tectonic plates   Tears such a burst of weakness like an innocent child unable to feed or clean himself   Tears
Her doleful eyes pierced his silhouetteThe mind, pushing back his tearsleft his heart unguardedAs lies escaped his breathso did their security
That was the last tear I’m ever shedding over you Cause all you’re ‘I love you’s Were never ever true   You never meant a single word you said Every single one was a damn lie
  My Love he makes me the happiest, but he also causes me so much pain I wish I never met him, but I also want to be held in his strong arms My Love he is full of rage, but he is also so senistive
I can see, but I am blind. I can hear, though I am deaf. I can speak, yet I am mute. I find myself wandering, like a spirit, Walking the same path over. I cannot tell if a dream has taken me
  Do take my writing as my unsaid goodbye, Ignore the salty tears I'll cry. With a pen, my heart will speak, The words I fear my heart too weak. Memories I've saved and words of fellows,
"Whenever I miss you I tell my heart no. I then close my eyes and let the memories roll. Out of my eyelids and straight down my cheeks. Pouring into the pillow that captures my dreams. And as my heart sinks when the images do fade..
You reel me in, I cringe from you. You toss me aside, I hold you down. You throw me out, I run away. You long for me, I stay in the sidelines. You lure me back, I come back,
Lost inside something That doesn’t exist, Huddled in the corner, Hiding my face. Broken to pieces, Glued back together.’ Stolen from my mind, That piece that’s missing
All I ever ask myself is why we have to die. It just puts depress on us and leaves us all to cry. Why do we have to leave even when we’re young? Before you even know it, the heaven bells have rung.
What do I look like being loved? Who am I to be cared for? Who am I to love another? when I'm not sure how strong love can be not knowing its true strenght but knowing all its poison
Who blesses this child that cries alone, when the place that’s safe is farthest from home. To whom does she thank for the large dreams broken and who will wipe her face when tear stained shirt is soaking.
You could feel the pain In his spoken words Every word hurt more than the one before He got so close to tears Ready to disappear  
"Everything will be all right," He says as she sobs into his shirt, Her tiny hand clutches the fabric. Between sobs he pats her back: rocks her, Back and forth. Back and forth. 
It is like we are sailing away and yet we are at bay still in the middle of tomorrow and yesterday not knowing why we try so hard to live in the moment
TEARS, rolled down our faces as we said bye to our mother ANGER, seethed from us as someone tried to replace her LIES, were poured into us that it could be fixed YEARS passed and we moved on and were reunited
Love is a race. That we all trace. Take the risk to be in a better place. (:
Take the risk for a better trace.
Why did you have to leave? Why did you have to be there? Why did he have to take you? Having to see everyone and everything around me so gloomy was horrifying.
You’re crying and you’re heaving As pain rips you apart And I can’t help thinking Of how you do have a strong heart   Tears are gushing from your eyes Filled with so much pain and anguish
As the ocean draws in from a hard days work I stop and think of the ongoing state of things. The sun's rays strech out from the horizon giving the sky a firework of explosion. What has my life become? Where is it leading me?
Everything's okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.   Eyes like glass. Unfathomable pain behind these eyes.   There's a fine line. One wrong move and it will snap.  
                                                             I know why the caged bird sings To be let free to flap her wings But she knows one day this will be
  What is this, that falls from my face This wetness. This pain. This glory. This confusion. This worry. This scariness.
Lost my mother At the hands of death. A childhood of struggle From breath to breath. A void too sudden Without warning or shame.
You must love to watch me crybecause since the beginningthat’s all you have caused me,tears and breathless sobsand i sit here as these big dropsof sadness and despaircrash like waves onto my face
Another day, another place, Time to put on my happy face. Paint my smile, erase my tears, Reveal to none my greatest fears. Beause there's something coming, Something better,
It seems to always start the same way, just like a cycle I might say. The way a bottle slowly fills up, drop by drop reaching the top until it can't take it no longer, it starts to suffocate in its own water,
the family sat around a table filling every chair every chair but one there was one empty chair he sat by the phone wanting to talk but the phone didn't ring it wouldn't ring
These tears Less fluid More daggers Cutting and obscuring the face If anything can kill, It’s this pain And uncertainty
Whispers in the darkness Flashlights in the night White teeth become beacons As we smile away the fright
sometimes when no-one else is around in the dark i start to cry then you can hear the saddest sound of a tear about to die
Tell me you care Tell Me you trust me Tell Me that you care tell me that you want to leave just tell me.
Sadness sham their one in the same Life and death you can’t experience one without the other How can you fail at succeeding if you know no success? You can’t clam to know pain if you have no pain
If beauty is in the eyes of the beholder If love is in the heart of the lover If happiness tranquility is in the mind of the thinker
When I feel empty, lonely, and depressed, I find myself circling, with thoughts, of anger and distress. A hole in my heart, tears me apart. Sometimes I don't know, where I should start.
I write because you hurt me, because you decided you were done. I write because I miss you.
The life we travel is everlasting the noises that shatter the minds of power. Living in the minds of those who are confussed. The minds of the young that live life for only one moment.
To the one whom i loved and lost My decisions have paid the cost I wrote for her, I thought for her Every poem was love for her Expressed my feelings through paper and pencil All the moments that we went through
I am no one I am lost I have no one People dont know what is happening to me people wouldnt understand.
The traitors of the past were never washed away They have procreated and created the haters of today They continue to feed of negativity And deter you from accomplishing any relative impossibility
The reason I speak is to let my voice be heard, The reason I eat is to nourish my body, The reason I breathe is to breathe life into others The reason I walk is to bring light into many lives
I finally reached out to a girl. And gave you love and the world Almost storyline I knew it was you When you knew it was me
I don't know who you are or where we'll meet but I do hope it's soon.I pray that when we meet and fall in love you will love me for me and not hope for someone who's thicker or prettier.I hope you won't compare me to other girls.I hope that you'll
This is your year to leave the nest Your mother cries, Your father cries, Wishing you all the best This is the year you must look after your own health Time to take the claws out and fend for yourself
It's so hard to see past the fairytale kind of theme, fake smiles in between a relationship so mean the road leading me to yours, keeping a heart distanced standing still while being lighted on fire,
With Exasperated timid widraw I made my way down first and seaside So much blowing around my mind The weight of the world pushing me down Anxiety thrashing me against the earth with every step
Relive our angered days Forgive and erase the pain We live another day
Poetry is my light It is my darkness The bottled feelings inside Pain Excitement Loose Happy Explode all on a single sheet of paper Like a volcano ready to erupt
Girls got me drowning through her eyes swimming unto her heart. Only pool able to tame the fire burning inside my heart. Argument through dispute then its back to rubbing and loving you some more.
I was told that love will make a way, I just never thought that love would come find me one day. It caught me off guard, I admit it took me by surprise but I could not help the way I felt when he looked into my eyes.
Come on, my sweet love just last year Turn around, we were never here. I took your love and wrecked it all Cut the ties and let you fall. So in this moment I can see All that you have been through for me.
Day after day the sun never fails. The clouds might be able to cover it, but they continue to be fluffy. There might be a thousand drops, but only one storm. It might be a rose, but also a thousand petals. There
Some days I want to scream Some days I want to cry Most days I hold it all in not letting anyone see the battle inside. When people ask I say I'm fine, without even thinking if it's true or not.
The fire in those eyes brings me to sudden silence, The darkness beckons deeply; threatens to turn violent. Life inside that mind must be eternal pain, every word spoken as if it is in vain.
Dry my tears hold me tight otherwise I might not make it through the night. What day is this that I must try, to hold my head up high?
Money makes, you smile but love makes you happy, money buys you food, love makes you a daddy, a job gives you money, love gives you a wife, working can be temporary, while love lasts the rest of your life.
There's this sorrow in my heart after we split apart. The tears seep though my eyes from this muffled cry. I heard it hurt to think it though, not just me but you too. The next day. Did it go away?
Silent tears fall streaming down my face rushing over your shoulder and breaking at you from within. You watched the pain in my eyes my voice and my body
Pain is silent demons, sometimes welcomed in our life Often sorrowed for or about The bloody red tears, that represent pain Are all but real, for pain is what you feel Tell me, do you feel pain from reading this poem;
What is pain? What are tears? When you have a million questions with no fears. Born to this world Without a trace. Left in the dark, left to defend. And, you start so low. But, come up so high.
Tears burn my gentle face What hurts me the most Is knowing there's nothing I can do But look up at the midnight sky And pray you know how much I miss you My first heartbreak and you weren't there
A bird taking flight Is what I will feel A string on me tightly None to my appeal My thoughts blow me away From true friends to miss I feel I’m halfway Gone from the great kiss
Good luck at college My friends you will always be May life bring you smile
Good times and bad times, all sand in a fist People you love soon be gone like a mist Your wings will be broken, then mended to fly Count every smile, not tear that you cry
I sit by my window, watching as the sky turns a crimson gold. Dreaming, thinking, hoping- But then there is a soft whirring, I look up… The grinding of tires can be heard as my Father rolls in.
My mind speaks louder than my mouth Overloaded with plans and memories Trying to figure out a way out of this mysteries. I wish I could rewind And empty this mind I guess that what we call life
I don't understand. That's all I can say. It's my life you have banned! It's the same thing every single day...
The small things Hurt the most The little words Scream the loudest The nice words Veiled in caring Stab the deepest The constant Berating Belittling What now?
I thought I can show her the way of love, Make her feel untouchable like from heaven above, Be her friend and also her one, No more thinking her love is done, Give her that light that she can not see,
All the tears I have not cried resurfaced, and I wished I could die. But only a second I have to bear before reality comes to stare. So I wipe my tears away and I save them for another day,
I’m holding onto pieces of my past My broken heart coerced me to resent Thinking of the time I saw you last Longing for the chance to mask your scent
Lost and alone, Stranded at sea. Just the mighty winds, And small little me.
Some tears say I’m sorry Some beg please look at me. Some tears ask just hold me. Some tears say leave me please. Some tears say help me… when I feel alone.
They never stop Tears stream down my face I long for them to stop But they never stop
Black curtains take center stage Throughout the midday sky Storm clouds take a bow Lightning flashes introduce my debut While thunder roars like a drum roll Making sure my presence will not be ignored
Black curtains take center stage Throughout the midday sky Storm clouds take a bow Lightning flashes introduce my debut While thunder roars like a drum roll Making sure my presence will not be ignored
My tears are sweetly urged, My heart is cut deep, The pricks of thorns are heavy burdens on my heart, And my soul cries, “Forfeit to death!” Oh, darkened heaven, Teach me to forget to think of love.
Gazing off into space with her deep brown eyes Pleading for someone to notice All the sorrow she hides Deep in her heart Only knowing that tears are not enough All her memory’s flow out of her mind
I felt myself drifting flying soaring All eyes on me, my mask adhered, my smile plastered, on plastic face. What’s this feeling?
~crying out she’s just trying to make it had a boyfriend who beat her..she couldn’t take it bad things happen to good people so she wonders if she should fake it she’s always cautious
Almost every night I lay in my bed and cry as the tears fall I wish I at least knew why I try to come up with reasons in my head I think that maybe I'm just stressed Worried about school and becoming an adult
Buildings rise to heaven unconstrained Leaving the unexplained disappearance of the sun and moon My boots beat against the dirty, wet sidewalk after last night's rainfall.
Close your eyes Feel the breeze Hear the wind In the trees Shed a tear Say goodbye Life is flying Right on by New beginning a fresh start Leaving home Breaks your heart
She sipping on some lean. Popping all of them pills. Smoking a bunch of weed. While i just try to sit back and breath. She said its just to much stress to leave. And drugs separate her from realness.
Tears drift, float, and, drip down her face. Red begins to form blotchy and misplaced, on her face. Pain grows, grows from within. Beginning small, languidly ascending.
I watched the flames lick the ivory walls, Of my house, Of my home. Now I trod on sodden ground, Like a sponge under my feet. I pick up the pieces, Charred memories. A single tear leaks from my soul.
I'm a person too… I'm real also… I have opinions to speak… Why is it that I can't be heard?… Is it because you don't think I deserve to say a word?… Why do you get to decide?… No one is ever on my side…
What if these tears… Added up over the years… Could drown out the screams of the silence that now deafens us… What is they Could wash away the scars of all the battles we once before lost…
I shed tears when I came out I shed tears when I was hungry I shed tears when I fell down I shed tears when I scraped my knee, falling off my bike
As we grew I watched you with ease, A friendliness only siblings could share But as you aged I watched that joy cease: And in our friendship you seemed not to care. In my maturity I saw your pain and flaws,
I dont know why, Why I want to cry, Why my soul wants to die, Why my hopes and dreams turn into lies. Can someone please tell me, Because I feel like I'm not good enough But what is 'good enough'?
Butterfly baby, traveling way too fast. Uncertianity is her future; Darkness haunts her past.
These tears I shed fall down my cheeck these fears I have, I feel so weak the anger swells, burning inside soon it might consume me alive these feelings I have, I must sustain them all
My tears are wasted on the opinions of the unknown. The cruelty they have shown. The harsh words they have spoken, have sent them on a ride of which I'm just a token. The gestures I make, and the words that flutter across my tongue.
Do not promise what you will fail to deliver Beautiful Hopes are crystallized shards of glass Fragile But when they break, a maiden will cry a river Promise Each vow: special; varies in size and shape
After tears comes fury Rage, simple and true Tears are everything women are supposed to be Weak and powerless Prone to emotional outbursts Unable to defend herself But when the tears are gone
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