Why So Many Tears


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Almost every night I lay in my bed and cry
as the tears fall I wish I at least knew why
I try to come up with reasons in my head
I think that maybe I'm just stressed
Worried about school and becoming an adult
about screwing things up and it all being my fault
Worried that I'm making all of the important decisions wrong
that one day I'll look up and all of the important people will be gone

Or maybe my heart is just tired
tired of the way it's been wired
Maybe it's because of my hopeless romantic thing
I keep giving the wrong people a piece
It's tired of doing so much caring and not getting the same in exchange
I think that maybe it's time for a change

Maybe I should stop caring
and when it comes to love be a lot less daring
May I should just flip the script
stop being so nice and become a complete bitch

But unfortunately I can't just hang up my sensitive caring hat
I can't not care, I'm just not wired like that

So I'm forced to suffer for who I am I guess
My mix of personality traits seems to keep me stressed

See, because when you're a sensitive,stubborn, too nice, too caring, too trusting, hopeless romantic you tend to end up hurt
You let the wrong people talk to you because you're too nice
You don't listen to anyone trying to give you advice
Then too soon you begin to trust them
Then soon after that, you being to love them
Then because you're stubborn and a hopeless romantic you push to make it perfect
But you push too hard, and they leave, and they were never really worth it
But because your sensitive you still have a broken heart
And it seems you won't be able to stand being apart

Maybe I cry because of all of these reasons combined
But I think that it's time
For the frequency to slow
because I can't keep livin' life at this low


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

beautiful poem

never have self-doubts of yourself

give yourself an opportunity to display your brilliance

most important is take control of your life and find direction


I can def relate to this thanks for putting our life story in your poem

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