Tiger Lily

Quiet in its blooming, 

Branching thoughts of wisdom,

Soft petals cascade.

In lavender and gentle pinks.

Then soul crushing blues,

sweep the garden,

petals peacefully cascading no more,

But jerked and choppy,

Pouring over flushed cheeks,

To the music of choked sobs.

Eventually those malicious flowers,

Cease to grow.

In their place a tiger lily,

Dominates the garden, Steady

Filling it with betrayal,


Fiery passion that cannot be silent.

But tiger lily refuses roar,

speaking intelligently,

With a gained understanding.

This pain and panic,

Helpless drowning,

is not her fault.

Just a simple weed,

Took her care and trust,

Offered nothing in return.

Just a useless weed,

that needed uprooting,

from Her garden.


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