What Was Wrong vs What Feels Right

You taught me to wait

Because you said I love you back

You taught me that it was okay to accept apologies

When your actions were like a song stuck on a broken track.


Because I loved you


You twisted my emotions

And took context out of my words

Because you loved me

I thought our highs made me fly above the birds.


Because I loved you


I allowed you to ghost me

Causing restless nights where I wondered what I had done wrong

Since you loved me

And I knew I wasn’t all that strong.


Because I loved you

I let this happen.


Because I loved you

I allowed myself to break.


But you weren’t the right guy for me

In fact- you weren’t even a good man to stand by

Because you fed off a 16 year old girl’s spirit

Until all I could do was lie in bed and cry.


You taught me how that was true

Because you tell me everyday I love you back

You taught me that it’s okay to accept apologies from our little arguments

Since your actions become more careful- to make sure they don’t become a song stuck on that former broken track.


Because I love you


You message me every morning

And make sure that I’m doing okay

Because you love me

I know from the reassurance you give that you’re willing to commit and stay.


Because I love you


I allow myself to open my guarded walls

So you can have access to my entire soul

Since you love me

You ooze serenity, especially when at times my emotions are still out of control.


Because I love you

I’m letting go of past pain so we can happen.


Because I love you

I allowed myself to love again.

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