Love from Above

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From innocent birth

to a peaceful death,

the wheels of a hearse

become our last breath.


For those who believe,

and for those who dismay;

there is such a place,

to where all may stay.


That grace only comes

to those who believe;

in He who carries the weight

of both you and me.


For those who have seen

this place of rebirth,

some may call insane,

yet I come forth.


Three years old I was,

lying during nap time;

there was no ruckus,

as I lay there sublime.


Then my heart leaps out,

attemping to shout loud;

my tounge reaches back,

and life becomes a cloud.


I lose control of my body,

yet also my mind;

but one thing stays steady,

my faith in the divine.


I awake from my slumber,

walking towards a place I wonder,

I feel a sense of belonging

one I feel of a blunder.


Up walks Frank,

who I feel I've seen before;

welcoming me in

to his arms opened wide.


He shows me around

this place of unknown

of which I have become

one of the flown.


Little angels, Big angels,

diversity galore;

all singing and praising

His glorious name.


Frank leads me towards this Man,

who I have seen before,

In books or in stories,

I wonder what's in store.


There He stands

with arms open wide,

a goatee and a smile

are all by side.


Wrapping all around

this being of beauty,

is one white robe

one told of in stories of old.


Then all of a sudden

my vision is gone

all blank and all white

excluding this one bright light.


This light comes from beyond

seeming as miles away

as bright as the sun,

yet my eyes they stay.


Then flash, like lightening,

I return to this place called home,

one of wonder and splender,

not even close to where I came from.


Now, seventeen years later,

I look to accomplish my mission,

to serve my God and my country

so all may listen

to the words which brought me great relief,

those words from John 3:16.

So precious and so divine

were those words from above

revealing His love to all who look above.


To all who may think

this is not at all the case,

I respect your freedom to believe 

what your heart conveys;

So I hope you all

will do the same for me

when I say "God Bless You"

both from Him and me.


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