he chose to fade forgetting "like father like daughter"

oh father

what has happenedto you?

what on earth stole from you your guitar?

and told you to stop singing to your baby girl?

oh father

theres a darkness that settles in your eyes thsese days.

what water quenched the brightness that once stood in its place?

what evil force has drained you of yourself and filled the empty cavity that was your body?


oh, father

did the pills they gave to you cause you to stop smiling in the rain?

when did the cobwebs surrounding your smile appear?

when did you stop singing me to sleep

or to wake me up

or to drive in our ld pickup

or while drawing pictures

does your vice create a melody of sweet honey like it used to?



when did you begin looking at the ground more than the sky?

when did you begin to push loved ones away?

is there something i couldve done

to preserve your love?



your old soul still lives on in the lyrics of the songs you used to sing as yu rocked me to sleep

when ill occasionally hear them on the radio.

i feel your touch before it got cold

when i see pictures of me falling asleep in your arms.

but father...im damaged...but so are you

your little girl needs you...but more so needs you whole again


the word dies the second it rolls off my toungue 

but daddy...


please sing again




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