The Little Astronaut


The Little Astronaut


The sorbet horizon slowly faded away

Tangerine, lavender & mellow yellows gone

Monkey bars & squeaky swings continued to sway

All of the kids had gone inside, no longer able to play

Front doors closed & lights flickered on

The bubble bath awaits to wash away the dirt

Kids splash & play but soon begin to yawn

Clean pajamas lay on the bed ready to be put on

The clock chimes eight o’clock signaling time for bed

Kids get tucked in with a kiss on their head

The hallway light leaves a gleaming shadow

All noise comes to a lull & the darkness gets dull

The sheets are uncovered & a tiny toe touches cold ground

It really is a shame to be bound

Moonlight gushes through, illuminating a little face

That little face begins to ponder what is up in space

Stars twinkle & imagination runs wild

The little face looked up with closed eyes & simply smiled

Suddenly suited up & flying through the galaxy

Zipping, soaring & defying gravity

The planets spin & swirl

The shadow collapses & the door opens with a whirl

“Get back to bed! For you have another adventurous day ahead”


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