Don't Expect it, Love Rejects it.

There's this sorrow in my heart after we split apart.
The tears seep though my eyes from this muffled cry.
I heard it hurt to think it though, not just me but you too.
The next day. Did it go away?
This is a dream, no, I feel the screams.
I thought i was over, from the past to the future.
These problems. Have to solve them.
It's like a broken gem,
It doesn't have value.
I look back, you say, "How are you going to outdo?"
It sounded like you knew. It wouldn't last.
Well, it's the past.
Now it's coming to an end.
Started by inspected, to directed, got affected,
I've been corrected, memories were collected, I've been neglected,
Same with rejected, we both respected, I've objected, it got deflected.
In the end, we both connected but
not in the same way.


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