Hiding in the Dark


United States
28° 29' 30.2208" N, 81° 32' 55.2228" W

Things aren't right but you can't tell
It's like I'm trap all alone in this cell
I can't do nothing just my cry eyes out
That's the only way I know how to let my feelings out
w/o words ..
I mean it's like I can't compare anymore
Now I realize there is nothing I have to live for
Letting this get to my head , I think I'm crazy
But i don't know why I can't do something to feel hazy
And take this stress away
And bring me brighter days
I pray to God that he'll keep my mind right
Because I might go out and do something that my parents wouldn't like
Hopefully I can get straight
But most parts it's not me w/ this crazy mess
I guess I gotta go back to my rude attitude
Because its like no one gets my moods 
But then I'll be in the wrong
Which you ain't had get me all along ...
Why can't things go my way
I don't know so I like to distance myself and stay away
And now I think that I need counseling
Because I can talk to no one but myself since no one else gets me
&& it hurts when I can't be myself because people except me to be the person they want me to be
.. Then life is harder then it seems
I always finding myself caring more than I should
But I guess you can except that w/ the heart that I have
I gave and gave
Now I have nothing else to give and it's like I'm sitting here w/ a blank
&& all I had really wanted was a thanks
I think to myself what if I wasn't here
Maybe that's how it should be huh? Because crying ain't gonna get me no where
But sick
Why can't I get this "it" to click
In my mind!
I need signs!
LORD help me w/ these burdens
Because I'm not getting no where w/ this
I just really need someone help through this  ..
But I'm also scared to ask
That's why I keep things to myself only in my mind so no one would know but me and hind this pain w/ a mask
But i guess until then .. I have to keep walking around w/ this fake smile
And as I walk a mile ..
Maybe the sun will finally stop 
hiding behind these dark clouds!


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