Bad Influence


United States
39° 50' 58.4052" N, 75° 21' 20.6856" W

She sipping on some lean.
Popping all of them pills.
Smoking a bunch of weed.
While i just try to sit back and breath.
She said its just to much stress to leave.
And drugs separate her from realness.
So things don't get to deep.
She tries to run but she's to numb.
She cant even feel her feet.
She want me to take the lead.
But drugs, see drugs just not for me.
She's pressured me.
Its gotten to me.
Now I'm smoking weed.
Cant feel my face.
Cant feel my feet.
Whats gotten to me?
I'm walking on air.
She's brushing her hair.
She's getting all dressed up for me.
Where the hell are we going.
Am i missing something?
Did i smoke to much weed?
What pills did i take.
This was a mistake.
Did i sip to much lean.
I cant even breath.
Someone help me.
I think i have fallen to deep.


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