Can You Hear Me Father..

Mon, 06/16/2014 - 00:38 -- Kayce_

Can you hear me? Does my words matter?
My mind runs with questions that you left unanswered.
Left alone..Confused.. Unwanted..
I thought you loved me?
I can only be lied to so many times.
Before I trust noone.
You've caused me so much pain and tears..
How can you hurt the one you supposedly love?
How could you choose something over your daughter?
I'm suppose to be your baby girl.
How could you just throw me out like I'm not even in your world?
I would love to just leave you alone like you said..
I just can't.. Can't understand how you could do this.
I just.. I can't just let you go...
Can you hear me father?
Was it worth your daughter in pain?
In tears?
Does it even matter to you?
Father just listen...
Can you hear me?


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