A Love Not Gone (Incomplete)

I tried to give you a chance.

All you wanted to do was play games.

My love out in the open; obvious at first glance.

I fell for the charm; the way you said my name.

The way you held yourself. I was blinded.

I couldn’t see all the troubles underneath.

All these things I have been reminded.

My eyes are clear. Not a tear beneath.


I tried too hard to hold you near.

Maybe I held too tight.

Maybe it just wasn’t clear.

Loving you is almost like taking flight:

Jumping off a cliff with hands tied-

Eyes shut tight.

I know that I didn’t try.

I didn’t pursue what might.


I see now that you aren’t ready yet.

That’s ok. But will you ever be?

This isn’t something I’m willing to bet,

And I definitely won’t plea.

You aren’t something to cry over-

But at the same time something to miss.

It’s like you’re my four-leaf clover;

Something worth a little kiss.


Seasons change and so do hearts.

Leaving you was never in my plan.

It changed everything; I’m the glue that holds the parts.

I want you to be strong – independent – a man.

Don’t be frilly – flowery – “pretty” – Girlie. No.

Be the one that I want. That I need. That I can Love.

Don’t just let what we might have had go –

Don’t go peacefully like a dove.


Is it wrong to say I miss you? Maybe..

Living in denial for so long isn’t much fun anyway.

Why do I even care? I don’t – think – I want to be your “baby”.

No, I will stand up and – without fear – say today:

“I miss you. I want what we had before. Friendship.”

Is this too much to ask? Is it too much to desire?

Two years before we had no cares; I started to slip.

I fell for you. Our friendship fell like a flat tire.


I’m writing this because keeping this all inside is –

Unhealthy and honestly hurting me.


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