Prose on Regards of Hope- Pt. 1



Give me hope,


I'm livin' in a nightmare.

Praying for better dreams;


Jesus weeps

As he hears the

 Screams of the 


 The holy shouts.

The soulful cries;

"My children,

Keep the faith alive."



Dr. King,

Had a dream,

And marched the streets

Of washington.

For you, and I.

For we.

But now,

All I see,

Is severance, and the ignorance of;

"He is not of I-

Of we."


Color's fading;

Sky's, black and

Shades of 


Sweet Jesus,

How do I live for today?


My brothers

They fight.

My sisters,


Never to realize the deteriorations of their souls;

We're sinners in the eyes of a merciful


Sweet mercy,

Heavenly father-

And radiate your light from among the heavens.


- Through the wisdom of the old,

The will of the strong,

The faith in the believers,

The eyes of the dreamers-

We not perish yet;

In regards to the limited few;

Give me hope,



I have faith in you.



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