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They never stop
Tears stream down my face
I long for them to stop
But they never stop

Mind constantly racing, cluttered
Surrounded by superiors dictating, peers gossiping
Work to be done, intelligence to display
Tasks seem impossible when they don’t stop

Thoughts of what? Absolutely nothing
Thoughts of uncontrollable things, thoughts of things I long to change
Thoughts of random occurrences, thoughts of depression
Thoughts of a better tomorrow, thoughts of horrible yesterdays

Are events fate or destiny?
Are we able to change destiny, to stray away from the path set before us?
Racing continues
What is my destiny?

The medicine is failing, they say
You’ll be fine when we get you stable, they say
Words destined for encouragement only fuel the depression
Give it time; you’ll be fine, they say

Self-medication is my only release, the only way it stops
Drink until the thoughts are incomprehensible
Smoke until the dopamine is forced to soothe me
So I allow it to all envelop me, for the sole purpose of peace


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