Why I write


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I am no one I am lost I have no one People dont know what is happening to me people wouldnt understand. That was me in middle school that kid i was ready to end it all until i started one day writing down my thoughts about life and about feelings the reason i started writing was to express my feelings at the time, I went through a tough time in middle school I was raped three times by a guy three years older than me. I turned to poetry for everything I pushed everything and everyone away. I then continued to write poetry because for one I love to write down my thoughts on life and my views. Poetry is a beautiful art of words ideas and passion all mixed into one to be interpreted by each person differently. There are some things in life that you just dont wanna talk out loud about or you just are not ready to talk out loud about it thats where poetry comes in to express everything you cant say out loud. The reason I write now is beause i have a passion for it and I express the deepest of my thoughts and the deepest of feelings in my poetry. If you give me a pen and paper i will start writting till i cant write no more. Poetry can be romantic, painful, sad, happy, scary, honest, and every kind of feeling all in one. You can express so much with poetry that talking you cant because poetry is an art that uses words to paint a picture. I write to paint a picture I write to express my feelings I write because its my passion. I write because my passion for expressing feelings and painting pictures makes me feel good and feel refreshed and at peace with myself


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