Candle by the Bath tub

You can’t burn some memories

Fire becomes them

Til they darken like ash

Blowing in the smoke she exhales

But do not breathe them in

Do not step in the ash

Or the flames for that matter

Do not let them stain your clothes

Or burn your flesh

Or you may never let go of the smell

Their scent

Lingering in your hair

Or your clothes

Or that something you’re still not quite ready to let go of.

You can light a candle by your bath tub

To watch it flicker and burn

And forget the anger or hurt

That burns your eyes

Or your chest

Or your mind

Let the teardrops wander

As they always do

Down the corner of your cheek bones

And into the bath water

And if the candle falls with it

Let it

And if the flame is to be extinguished

Then so be it

Do not cry over spilled candle wax

It will not heal you to salvage the wreckage

Sometimes it’s better to accept the mess

Or discard the pieces

And move on

Not all flames were meant to burn forever

And if the water grows cold

Do not try to heat it back up again

Or try getting used to the cold

Just get out of the bath tub

It’s time to be you again

It’s time to live.

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