My Favorite Sociopath


What is pain?

What are tears?

When you have a million questions with no fears.

Born to this world

Without a trace.

Left in the dark, left to defend.

And, you start so low.

But, come up so high.

Without a thought in mind.

Just a smile

Nobody can read the pain.

But, you can't tell them, you'll lose your place.

In a world with many sins.

And, a time with lots of wins.

Caught in the storm that breathes fire.

Burning alive.

Burning alive.

Things you just can't rewrite

Come back to haunt you at night.

Problems that run too deep to escape.

A life that is hard to recreate.

Times that I wish won't duplicate.

And, a heart I hope will not break.

Do fairy tails really exist?

Or, is it the scene I've always missed?

Can't even picture tomorrow.

Just caught up in the logic of today

Stuck in purgatory

Striving to be worthy.

For, you look at me with gentle eyes.

To soften my falls

And, mend the divides.


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