Anticipation of Precipitation

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 21:03 -- torif


United States
40° 15' 32.5368" N, 76° 11' 23.8776" W

Black curtains take center stage
Throughout the midday sky
Storm clouds take a bow
Lightning flashes introduce my debut
While thunder roars like a drum roll
Making sure my presence will not be ignored

I am like the rain
Rap tap tapping
On your windowpane
Softly, silently, stealthily
My angry drops drizzle at first
Eagerly slurped by the greedy arid earth

If you dare refuse to acknowledge me
I will transform myself
From a patter to a drizzle to a torrent
Until I engulf you
In the wetness of my being

And when all my salty drops are spent
I will rain no more
But ah my legacy still will flow
To creeks, to rivers
To salty seas of salty tears

My anger, my pain
Ebb and flow
Carried away
By the ocean’s tide
Until I reconnect with my other side

On these occasions
When all is right
When everything is full of light
I am like joyful, jubilant, jovial rain
That flows freely, purely and purposefully
Though the terrain

In happier times like this
I will embrace both sun and earth
And together will our union form
Vivid, vibrant, variegated rainbows
Bringing life, hope and rebirth


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