When the crimson curtain closes and the lights have dimmed. All we take with us are memories. When the day fades to night and there’s a chill on your skin. All you hold close is your memory. When they take us away and lock us in cages, all we can feel are the memories. Like silent films played on repeat in the back of your eyes. Filling your mind with thoughts you thought you’d forgotten. Reminding you that nothing is certain that on days when you have nothing else, you still have this. Perhaps you would sell them if you could. Trade them in for the highest price. Forget that they ever existed, but would you? Would you let them take the only asset that cannot be taken? I have many memories I wish I could sell. Many memories I’ve tried to sell. Tried to pry them from my skull and forget them. But I can’t. I can’t stop the seeping and leaking of their poisons into my brain. Darkening the sky. Filling my eyes. A tear streams down my cheek sparking memories long forgotten. The taste of iron on my tongue, scarlet gloss upon my lip, and a bruise I did nothing to earn. Yet here we are. But if giving up this memory, this thought of endless pain, meant forgetting you.... I would keep it. I would take the pain, brace the cold, and keep my head above the water if only to see your face again. If only to remember how much you mean to me. Some memories are worth more than a lifetime without pain. Some memories are priceless.

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Wow.... That was beautiful to read

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