Poetry is Good Medicine


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I write because you hurt me, because you decided you were done.
I write because I miss you.
I write because you only told me you loved me when I was slipping between the cracks of your fingers. Those cracks are the same place where my fingers used to fit perfectly.

But not anymore.
Now you’re all goo-goo with some other bitch.
And I hope she treats you well.
I hope she gives you as many wet pillows and sleepless night as you gave me.

I write because those nights the notepad was the only person that would listen to me. The only person that paid me any attention.

It never complained, or shut me out when I needed to vent.
It always accepted me for who I am.
I write to heal.



I totally get you. One of the reason that I write is to heal also. Writing is more effective then shedding tears because it makes you a better person. It makes you stronger and wiser. Its a sweet revenge being able to write about those who have wronged you.


Thank you. I think it is so important to let go of things that are troubling us.

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