R.I.P. Past

Trying to bury the past. But it keeps coming back to life. It drains my energy. Lives off the many tears i cry. I try to shake it off but it isn't gonna happen. I thought i was done with it. Why does it keep reviving? No. Leave. Go away. I dont want to remember. Memories that brought me to my knees. Broken hearts, the many tears and all of the breakdowns. Everytime I try to be happy it says no. It tells me to remember the day this happened or that. It makes my chest tighten and my stomach woozy. Am i going to faint? I wish i could escape this world already. Dreaming is my only break. Reality bites and the past isn't helping. I have forgiven everyone that has ever hurt me but why does the past continue to haunt me? I haven't done anything extreme. I've mostly cried a river of tears that will someday consume all of this world. The past holds my heart. It squeezes it in my chest and makes it hard to breathe. Suffocated with memories of you and me. Your nothing but a thing of the past that won't let me move on. Please dear past what have i done wrong? No more tears, no more pain i thought i was free of you until today. Maybe i should not have listened to that love song. Maybe i should have stayed off the internet. Either way the past is back alive and making me think about you. Please dont make me cry again, i am all out of tears please leave me alone. The strength that i found i found it on my own. Please past just rest here in this coffin. Your grave stone says memories are meant to be burried by me alone. Go away and stop taking my energy. I need all of it to focus on my future. The one that includes just me. Me and me alone.


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