Tear Drops Of You


Tear drops of you

Every shutter

I can only remember

Finding myself so close

To someone who knows


The same pain

The same game

Compatible with me

Someone who can see


Feel the world I do

The hurt but joy

Even though I’m just a boy

She knows me for me


Every time my eyes shut

Warm tears slide

Down my sides

Images of her


Water fills my sight

All I see is her

Someone I’ve been looking for

So so so long


The dream girl

My dream girl

Even though my fate is untold


I believe

She could be my everything Is my everything

Amazing, beautiful, and fantastic

My bailey


Giving me tears of joy I see you even now

Here as more than anything

Like a dream you came to me

More than I ever could have imagined


My Bailey

Sexy, clever, and only awesome

Bailey <3 To the end and beyond

You give me tear drops of you



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