Acidic Raindrops



What is this, that falls from my face

This wetness. This pain. This glory.

This confusion. This worry. This scariness.

This emotion. This happiness. This sadness.

Nowhere near my expectation. Nowhere near yours.


One would think making love would be filled with joy.

With glee, sunshine, unicorns and rainbows.

With bite marks, battle scars and ripped pantyhose

But this person was not me.


This person didn’t experience what I did.

This person didn’t feel love

This person never loved a man who loved someone else.

This person didn’t have to look in the eyes of someone they hated just because it was convenient.

This person never felt a boot turn in a tree stump as it made contact with their heart and ran off with all her stuff.

This person


This person didn’t feel her lover turned enemy enter her Pandora box and suck all the life right out of her

This person wasn’t n love with someone who couldn’t love her back because of

Some other whore, prostitute, stripper and porno star

Simply because of society’s clip art for sexy


These acidic raindrops that fall from my face

Represents the long journey that I put behind me

The ex’s that took advantage of my generosity only because it’s easy for me to love my neighbor when karma lives around the corner

The nights I saw the sun rise behind these tall city buildings, losing precious beauty sleep

Because my mind raced faster than my heart beat

But slower than my arms reached out for male companionship


These acidic raindrops come from having a mom who has been nothing but a father to me.

From a father that has been nothing but a contribution to this wonderful personality that is so real, that God himself doubts me.

From a step dad that said he was my father so much, that he convinced himself that it was true.

These acidic raindrops are the expressions of my deepest darkest secrets untold.

The sorrow my soul feels and the pressure of a diamond from its coal.

These acidic raindrops is my cup that runneth over


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