And Then I Cried

Thu, 09/04/2014 - 20:43 -- Quamera

And then I cried

Lost in an air of vague and blind

Found at the bottom of a beer can

Only drunken minds seem to make sense

Expressioning emotion oppose to logic

For what reason is the latter more polictically correct

And then I cried

Drunk of lachrymose and adversity

Fighting myself to get to where I need to be

An eye for an eye is the struggling ways of my mind

My world torn to pieces because of numbers and stats

Yes I am black to every application

And then I cried

As my world came crashing down on my piano

Music gone forever along with the world I invented

Shattered dreams lives and neckbones

No hope for a worse yesterday

I opened the window that was never there

And then I cried




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