Guardian Angel

Tue, 07/01/2014 - 17:27 -- nosilla

I wear black,

and cover my eyes.

I hide my scars,

and hold in my tears.


I hide my face

from everybody i know.

But when it shows,

my smile is fake.

I'm good at hiding my pain.

No one notices or asks.

I don't wanna talk about it,

i will start to cry...

and anyways no one need to know.


I blame myself,

for all done wrong.

I punish myself.

No one hears my screams;

No one sees my tears;

No one needs to know.


I was in darkness,

I saw nothing.

I only heard

my muffles and cries.




There was a light.

He came to me,

and sat with me.

He kissed my scars,

wiped my tears,

hushed my voice.


He held me tight,

cleansed my spirit,

swapped my fake smile...

with a real one.


He brought me out of the corner,

out of the darkness.

And into the light...

into the world.


He watched over me.

He watched me smile.

He made me blush.

He told me not to worry.


He touched my face,

held me close,

watched my eyes,

kissed my lips.


He is my savior...

My Guardian Angel.


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