'Till Death Takes You Away


One moment present

The next one you're passed

You never know

Which moment is going to be your last


The next thing you know

Bright lights start passing fast

And the life you thought you had

Is stripped away in a flash

The colors swirl

The world starts to fade

Loved ones faces

Twisted in pain


That white light takes over

Then the darkness closes in

And a figure stands before you

To judge you for your sin

The gate opens wide

And the air fills with song

As celebration erupts

When your back where you belong


But darkness still hovers

Down there on the ground

Clouds hide their faces

Rain hides their tears


Memories flood over

Of all the past years

All of the laughs

And all of the tears

Then we stop for a moment

We think about where you are at

And remember that we are

In a worse boat then that


Because you get to laugh

And you get to dance

But we have to sit here

Crying over the past


And my love has gone with you

My joy and my hope

The phrase plays back

Then it becomes real

We had a life, a family, and a love

Until death took you away

It left me here

Took you there


Then that life we would have

Became the life I wish we had back


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