the last tears

Tue, 09/17/2013 - 23:52 -- Gaismen


tomorrow i will be sad again. did you know? tomorrow i will be fulled with sorrow because there is no more me and you. do you know? tomorrow i will cry and you will not know. tomorrow though that will be my last tear. I will not cry the day after that though. i am moving on. i am making a change and becoming a new me. you won't hold me back anymore. i am setting you free. you should do the same. I think it time. don't you? i will always love you. I will always need you but you must realize time has defeated us. i am sorry. i know you want more time but there is no more. this is your last tear you will shed. do you understand me? last tear. promise me you will move on. really you have a much better life than me. really you're happy but yet you don't quite know it. tomorrow . tomorrow. i miss you .i hope miss me. how is life? are you enjoying yourself? yea i bet you are . i am tired of playing nice guy. you left me. and for what? what did they have i didn't? what makes them BETTER than me? NOTHING! you are selfish. you LEFT. no goodbye! no NOTHING! you just left me. but this is my last tear. i hope this is yours to. we have to let each other go. stop holding on me. stop coming back to me. you Moved on remember? i am perparing to do the same. I love you and I miss you. REST IN HEAVNLY PEACE MUFF


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