Total Disarray

So lost, still looking
Where's the never found?
I gaze with fixed eyes
This dark quest has me cemented 
My heart is demented
My whole solution is buried 
Underneath the land of the hopeless

Deep floats and shallow euphoria 
It's all so fluctuating 
I ravenously seek, for my solution
Stuck behind vague-sky, pollution

Slow slithering steps, take me into the unknown 
Shrieking trees in the pierce wind, lean to me
Fuliginous leaves,conceal the sky of dawn
A gnarled sky

I was promised a smiling life
All of all, is toxciated with disappointment 
Well, satisfaction left me a long time ago 
The visits of luck ceased 
It became a desensetized stimulant 

Expectations of desire, demised
I don't agree with the direction life is taking
It's time for me to get a grip on the wheel 
of this unknown destination 

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