Skin as white as snow

Veins the color of grass

Heart as broken as a flower, 

Each and every petal plucked

Mind as broken as a record machine

Reliving memories of pain


Voice as quiet as a lake

Yet as loud as a flock of geese, honking above the leaves

Signs as scratched up as a homework mistake

Trying to fix it piece by peice

Trying to be seen by anyone,

Someone, wanting to help

Hope as lost as a stuffed animal long abandoned by a child,

Fear, running wild

She screams, but isn't heard,

Her voice faded, not to be regained.

Finally, someone sees,

The cuts

So discreet

Each representing another type of pain beneath

Eyes are roled

Lies are told

And alone, she is again

Tears as many as a storm

Call for help, burned.

Ashes in an urn.

She lays on her bed

A stuffed bear clutched to her chest

Memories of when she was young, 

Carrying the bear at every turn

She cries,

And yet, another piece just dies

for years she is seen


each and everything...

Till nothing remains.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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