Sleepover Lullaby


United States
28° 32' 30.1272" N, 81° 14' 27.1284" W

Whispers in the darkness
Flashlights in the night
White teeth become beacons
As we smile away the fright

Giggles break the silence
Calm as winter’s eve
Eyes closed and feet up
Wiping happy tears away on my sleeve

Conversations darken
Tears begin to flow
Water drips from crusty eyes
As time begins to slow

Light to heavy our conversation is deep
As we joke and cry
And speak of serious days
Filled with broken lullabies

We’ve never been this open
All our pain displayed for the world to see
This filled up feeling
That begins to feel me

But it’s warm here as we lay face-up on her blanket
Noses towards the sky
As smiles once again warm our faces
And we sing a sweet lullaby.


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