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It started with a plastic castle from Fisher-Price. With little plastic knights, and a wizard, and a dragon, and a princess. Us boys would play with it for hours. Greg would always be the black knight who saved the day.
I think when the earth was young a meteor from somewhere in the cosmos crash landed on the surface, exploding for miles and miles, And ever since then the pieces have been traveling through water and air over land and sea, or through anything that
When I die Grind my bones and ash To a fine powder Then dye the powder any colors that will make you smile again And make me art Make me a sculpture A mosaic A color-filled bottle
There was a long time. Growing up that I didn’t know any better. I sinned against man, and God. No one explained me the difference between right and wrong. So, I kept on sinning.
There was a long time. Growing up that I didn’t know any better. I sinned against man, and God. No one explained me the difference between right and wrong. So, I kept on sinning.
This is my gay poem My poem about pride And about finally coming out to my parents after 23 years But you know some news falls on cotton-filled ears Never bothering to ask where they got the cotton from.
Crushing under the weight, trying to swing it in stride. This adulting concept was not well explained. Breathe   Pinching yourself, begging to wake up from a terrible nightmare.
Straight people can be so nosy sometimes There’s always something y’all want to know about what I do in the bedroom. But at the same time none of you really do And honestly I don’t understand.
Every time a candle burns I think of a field in the middle of June Campfires in the hills of Pennsylvania Where we watched the glow of a waning moon   And I remember the days we laughed
I write a lot of my poems from my bathtub floor Soaking up sadness til the water gets cold Til my silence grows old Til my tears meet the water And the stanzas are told  
You can’t burn some memories Fire becomes them Til they darken like ash Blowing in the smoke she exhales But do not breathe them in Do not step in the ash Or the flames for that matter
I kept telling myself I was over you That I was done writing about you Or thinking about you Or talking about you But here I am Six months later and I still feel guilty for letting your name grace my tongue
Yes this is really me, really us And I still have the graphic tees And the white tube socks And all the other things we never wear anymore All the other things that collect dust in the closet
Someone told me once that we only see stars when they’re dying As if death was the most memorable thing about them And it makes me wonder.   You know depression is an empty space A universe of no life
Tears stain the fake leather of my boots the salt fringed watermarks where I left my heartstrings There are so many marks I have left behind In all the cities I have ever loved And even some that I cannot remember
Some of us never really learn to fly Some birds hop from the nest Destined to taste earth Destined for the fall   And some of us stay behind Afraid to fall like the ones we lost
He was a grain of sand and you were the ocean. You are so much more than he could ever hope to be, and when your tide comes in he will be a distant memory.
Address this letter to the pieces of myself I left in Pennsylvania. The broken shards of the boy I used to be The return address to where I learned that fear was a four letter word I would carry with me always.
There were times I was a sailor A healer or a tailor There were times I was the lunatic next door   There were times I stuck hand out I was not afraid to stand out
I have never won a poetry competition. Never gotten second, third, or an honorable mention for that matter.I have never been told I should become a poet, but that’s not why I write.
O mother of nightingales O constellation curator She who sweetly sings the sunset Kiss beneath that good moon night That dark pale night light Clasp your hands on my life The waning of my soul
Today I am tears of joy Triumphs on a mountaintop Autumn leave and funny T-shirts Today I am shaking knees Giggles for no reason I am songs hummed to no one The squeak of new shoes
1 to 2 weeks, that’s how long it takes to regenerate new taste buds. To replace the taste buds that once danced with your own. That tasted the sweat on your skin and the chocolate you bought for me.
Today I wasn’t feeling like a poet Today I didn’t feel good enough to be called one Today I wrote about death Today I wrote about death and hated what I saw so I hid the words. I hid the words and let them die
I waited for you in the hallway But I did not hear your voice I waited for your call in the night But my phone did not stir I waited for your love But it would never be mine  
Love is something that always grows But it's very sensitive you have to be very apprehensive of what steps you take. It takes seconds to break and years to make.  
I’ve come to notice On the days we scream the loudest Our pleas have no ear to fall on Yet a whisper of success can be heard for miles   I’ve come to notice that there is no such thing as wasted tears
Remembering times you were fearless When days didn’t drag on and on When life was lived young and reckless When nights didn’t fear for the dawn   When your eyes gleamed with excitement
Today is Easter Sunday The grass is a little greener The flowers are beginning to say hello The chill in the air seems less invasive   It’s time to wake up, get out of bed
Life is just a game no need to be afraid, it's playing in the dark by following your heart. leave logic off your brain, it only brings disdain and an unhappiness with faith.
Wonders of the world have me feeling small. How many adventures I haven't experienced. Open the doors and embarking in the labrynth. Time to explore those wonders once and for all.
Closing my eyes I see the hands pulling me up turning into the ones pushing me down Voices taunting me used to be the ones rejoicing me Though it’s not the words but the mouth they tumble out of crushes my soul
Sometimes I forget I forget that I can sit down in a chair Grab my ukulele And play to the tune of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” And think to myself That life is worth living
I need a reason to fall in love again. To let gravity take me without catching myself. To believe that I deserve more than I let myself take. After all, how can a heart be broken if there is nothing left to break?
I want to write tales of bravery.  Of powerful women who stood up against injustice and for kind-hearted men who chose right over what’s left But these were not my stories
Fearing death is like fearing a sneeze After it’s over, people will turn their heads Some will say bless you Even those who never knew you
I don’t want to die today Not today Today I woke up on time  to make it to class Today I baked a cake Licked the icing off my finger tips
Though I am not repelled by Death and though his glances toy with me I’d like to stay and chat awhile With charming Eternity And though our love will not last My heart will break to leave
We all look our grandparents and think we'll live forever, that we're invincible. Like we've got time to worry about small things that mean nothing at the end of the day. The things we think are big are actually tiny if you think about it.
burnt bridges led my way they led the way to you i could see their fire in your eyes you came from another path of ashes and pain we came together
my guardian angel is skin and bones thin and weary but so clearly i can see us dancing in the stove light twirling you around
I’m letting go of all my regrets One by one dropping them Into the infinite stillness Of a lake i find much more green than blue plop plop plop
It's pouring. the pain is almost unbearable. it leaves me breathless as the salty bittersweet tears fall, like raindrops; like a calm storm, it is full of nothing but hurt. it keeps me from living.
Stand wait. Don't hate. You're my future date.   Live life,  not in blithe, nor in strive. For you're my hyph.   Live plain, not lain,  nor vain.
The air is cold, but not cold enough for snow Not yet My heart is broken, but not broken enough for tears Not yet You thought you defeated me, but I’m not defeated enough to let you win Not yet
One thing that can never be disproven, Is that time one way or another, Will always keep moving, The clock on the wall, Will forever tik onward, That is why my motto,  Is to always move forward,
I have a hostageBack away, do what I sayOr come clean up a bloody stageThis ain’t no animeThis here is a 12 gaugeIt ain’t blasphemeIt’s reality without a backstageI am here, with myself
I don’t need youI don’tIt took me 8 long monthsBut it’s trueI don’t need your smile or your laughI don’t need your hand tangled in mine
When I would go to the store as a child I would always grab something off the shelf and my mom would have the same conversation every time. The same patience in her eyes. The same faded smile.
Sweet sage. Tears. Hands clinched around another's as we sink, slipping below the original position. The land shifts like dreams. Massive. Mother loves and cries of her blessings eternally. Cycle Synechis.  
Life is what you make it We live on borrowed time But if life is what we make it Then it’s time that I make mine   Hide your sorrow in your pocket To prepare for rainy days
Yes I am broken, but I am not defeated. I am like a salmon breaking through the surface of the water in order to fight the current. I am a glow stick breaking in the hands of a child on a summer evening, spreading my light.
I am human above all else.
Forgiven not forgotten hard work for what I’ve gotten knocked down kept on knockin’ fell down kept on walkin’ Shut down  kept on talkin’ don’t give up
Life is like a video game. Like sims, except not as easy and in some ways not as hard. its filled with puns that are cheesy and it’s filled with birthday cards but life is like a video game.  
When Friday nights become Saturday mornings. The dew glitters on the grass like a fallen chandelier, casting shards of liquid sun. Coals burn in the fire sending smoke crawling towards the sky.
Gil Scott-Heron Question, Did you ever realize who the biggest kingpin is? They say real eyes realize real lies Well the Revolution will not be televised So, I was sent to open eyes
It's been years now but, the words still hurt like it was yesterday.  I am grown now but, why do I still feel this childish hurt everday. I say im happy but, I still find myself in the back of the room or comfortable only in the shadows.
a loveless heartis nothing buta heart-shaped box
All the time in the world, Every last second of it, Is there for us to seize and use. You see it every day,
I fill my life, with worthless stuff, knowing full well, it's never enough. others seem happy, so why can't I? I fill my lungs, with another lie. swallow the grief,
What am I afraid of?                                       Heights?                                              Well    yes, but I write this in a plane and I’m not nervous at all
A girl online I've never met is stalking me Asking where I live Asking me how old I am When she texts me, "I love you" I laugh That's why I made sure she'd never meet me Because, unknown to her...
A winter's day On a snowy and freezing evening I am alone Sitting in a room full of warm bodies Surrounded by laughter and chatter
We call ourselves Christians In truth, it's just another instance where we fight to not get left behind We actually don't care We sometimes go there as a routine we have to take care
I feel like I’m on the brink of something  Like I’m right on the edge Like I’m right about to get to it Like I’m right there on its tail And I only have to reach my hand out And take it...
feeling or deep make me want to weap I leap for change what the future will bring I hang on every moment I've showed it to my soul and hold nothing back
I'm trying to breathe but I can't Gave me a tracheostomy for life but I still can't  breathe Put me on life support but it can't  support me cut it off and  let me . . .
I never knew what it was like to feel whole. There were always holes. And that big, 10 letter D-word Always hanging over me like a teetering sword. Waiting any moment to collapse into pieces,
And they speak of age – the elder years.   It’s always tomorrow. And tomorrow has not settled. Now, Darkness, woe, and failure stench abound.
Have you ever stopped to think about your emotions How deep your emotions really go How about the rules given to emotions The ones that tell you how to act or when to act
Wake up! Inhale,exhale Smoke and live Live and smoke Smoke then give Give some love Love to give it Give some life And love to live it!!
Im sleeping on the inside With my eyes open wide Inside I feel uninspired But my eyes show my true side I want to win,win,win! And live life and not just exist Get the boat to the shore
Dear Now,   I could start this out by saying "Hello," But I think we both know it would go a little bit more like (sigh) "Hello... again."
  If you were to ever be looking for me I'll be where I feel the most free Standing with my feet in the water   Wondering about a second life  
Dear You, I ask wholeheartedly, If I were to die today, Who might miss me? No, not those in my immediate heart, But what of those who knew my soul?
Dear Dubiety,    I wish to promulgate that poetry is not dead. But the style... each breath is taken to be lost in an enchantment of idealist fallacies.
Maybe the things that I worry about are not that worrisome. When my car makes weird noises, the noise shouldn't seem so loud in my head. When my coffee spills on my lap, I should laugh at that.
Saint Mary's (California) vs California Golden Bears Women's
Because I love you, I look you deep in the eyes I hold my head up high, When I'm standing by your side Because I love you, I laugh all the time, I can be myself And I never have to hide
Live your life, love your life, live the life you love. He should live and love your life. She should live and love your life.  Do not let "I love you" become a brand on your skin that hurts when you move;
Steam is smoke is mistaken That girl is gasoline and all you do is water her down Make her lifetime less Her burn time  digress Yes she is insane She wants to burn out
Wake up! Cling to the hours of the day, You're going to wish you had laid Down sooner, before the sun said hello.   Pace, faster, keep from running disaster, You're final goals you're after,
Why beg and plead  for someone else When they can do Something about it.
Walking thousands of stepsMeasuring footprints left behind Stumbling blocksAnalyzingWalking through slippery roadsDead endsAscending mountains Descending Facing ephemeral seasons
I sit here in the tailgate of the truck watching the beautiful orange rays from the sun drift into a dark blue i only have one thing on my mind but I mean hell you always are
I want to live till thirty  Before my bones crumble into dust   I want to live till thirty  Before I stare out of ancient eyes    I want to die young Before the pain becomes unbearable   
Why strive to be something that is unimportant? Something that can only have potential for misfortune. Still, people count their flaws and cut themselves down to portions.
Something deep in my stomach wants to throw up raw blades but my thighs are already covered in blood. So people can see I’m alive, I plant a peach tree underneath bullets in my skin. She didn’t deserve my touch.
“Hands up!” the man in blue screams Sweat drips down my brow, forward I lean Do I run? Do I die? Do I accept my fate, be alive but dead inside
I am not the same girl I was yesterday.      There are so many events that have paved the way.
2016 wasn't a rollercoaster, or a carousel, or a blind leap off of a cliff like they everyone says. This year was an ocean. The year I was born, we started the drive.
A glass of the reddest wine one can find, a familiar face sitting across from you, yet it is one that you cannot define. Who could it be or what could it be? Does it have the capability to see?
Wakey-wakey, get out of bed The sun is shinin' The dogs are barkin' But this pillow is a perfect fit, to cradle my head.   There are things to be done, Always things to be done.
Black shroud, blue sky, white moon to greet me. Silence and comfort, they slowly leave me. Gather your mind, child awaken. Do you feel the air, the life you take in As you breathe the breath for reason?  
Indulging in life's simple moments can make even the most senile happy, When you experience the beauty in minutary segments Your world becomes a symphony of joy and harmony.
~Every Moment~ Sometimes we set ourselves back, Everything we once had, disappeared as we shifted off track,Everyday we struggle to find our way back.The pain is buried so deep,That a smile on our face is hard to keep,Yet another battle on our own
i am the burried treasure found centuries after being hidden away under blankets of rubble. my eyes decorated with rings of purple and blue from a soundless slumber, evidence of a sleep still needed to be had.
My mama told me that I belong in the world. Now I never took her word for it, For I never met a man who belonged. Not really. Not truly.   We are all struggling to get somewhere.
Far to near  Near to far blurred faces  blurred possiblilities.   Blurred faces lost dreams. Blurred faces  lost opportunities. Blurred faces lost memories.  
Someone told me it's not the end, Into the darkness I descend. Falling through empty promises That are to never to come true, Tied to a noose made by the view of the world As I dangle wordless and helpless.
The red ink is beautiful, It oozes from dark to light, Brought upon this clean slate With a sharp quill that glints in the moonlight. Gliding along the paper, The sharp quill glows,
My dad always insisted That he was called Papa. He told me this, I believe, Because that’s what he calls his dad.   My dad has a life That always puts him in danger.
One of my favorite times is that transition of the sky between being black and when the sun comes starts to come up and make everything a pale shade of blue The quiet of itCars, freeway, trains in the morning  
It’s not supposed to be frustrating Was it not meant to be liberating? Who made the rules? Who abides by them? We did and we do We can forget them too Be grammar rebels Art lovers
A girl's mind is like speghetti So, brace yourself and get ready Expectations are always high Romantics things make us want to cry Love is love There is none above A boy is a boy 
Paradise drips from my cranium-this halo transparent Rigged  to hold more than a revolver causing the phase of divinities photosynthesis, watch your back cause time is limited-Enchantingly Lurking threw fragrances of corpses an buds -with hooligan
She stands on the rugged sea shell beach, waiting for something to happen. Her life has not been really exciting, and she hasn't particularly been described as an ambitious person.
Seeing my life through a different set of eyes As of yesterday, a true friend reminded me of my prize In every way, I’ve dealt with remembering wondering why
  need you because it takes the two of us, To move smoky mountains and conquer forbidden fountains, remember… I need you because it takes the both of us,
Why regret Don't forget the things you should have done the things you shouldn't've done Live for the regrets Live to do the things no one else would You're still young Live while you're young
Not too long ago I was sure of what I needed What would keep me going in life What would hone me and help pump my blood in the morning And those days when bed seems like the only option
I can’t live without the first scent of the fall breeze. I can’t live without stomach aches from laughing so hard with my best friend when we haven’t seen each other in such a while.  
Living without learning everyday would be crazy, If it was gone we would all seem lazy, It means so much in life because it is the only way, The only way we know how to do besides pray,
Smile Like your teeth are the sun Dance Like no one is watching Laugh Like you’ve never known happiness Sing Like your lungs will never give out Make Friends
Alone I sit in the dark, Cold, broken, torn apart. Shackled to a wall of fears, Tied down by my own tears. My voice stuck deep in my throat, I reach to grasps the words that choke,
Live? Live in a stranded world, stranded in life. Alone? Alone on this earth, this lonely earth. Take? Take luxuries for granted. Bring one luxury to this lonely stranded life.
My fingers float,  page after page. Waves crash against the boat, they've gotten harder with age. But still I sing. When I'm lost without a map, and the world around me 
In the 11th grade my English teacher gave me a pen. The pen was smooth and elegant with a digital clock on the end of it. He told me that he saw potential in my writing.
Cooking everyday Food made with heart And filled with love Here I am With my knife Slicing with ease Dicing, mincing, with my blade singing Making beautiful works of art So delicate
please listen to the silence of my heart so you, my love, may be spared from the grief
I am slowly changing like a painting manipulated and altered by multiple artists. The artists and I grow old together. My tattered corners must add some character to me, right?
Need gets confused with want You ask me about it, and I can’t respond For need changes in time
we're dead while living. we're living but not breathing we were alive before being born, we grow without growing we see without seeing we hear but not everything we know
i am internally sad. no one can hear my inner thoughts. they all think that just because im full of laughter and carry a smile that can light up New York. but im not. i am an unwinding string os self-hate.
It's Kind It Knows No Enemies It Thinks No Evil It Rejoices Truth   It Believes All It Never Fails It's not Faith or Hope It's Love.
We are all born We all live and We all die And get judged By our deeds   And so Why can’t We live life unique?   By dreaming different And playing with life
Darkness is a sickness, Pulling the tide, twisted. Lost in the void, nothing, Alone and cold lay my life. Truth be told,
We live in a world of impossible possibilities  A world where nothing is really reality
If you do not trust me, as you should Forever I’ll delightedly leave. Sitting in silence is not the way;  For what would you hope to achieve? I’d rather always succumb to nothing
Sleep to the sound of the music telling you your okay Break the barrier of tears, you've been holding in all day Smile at the sunrise coming up over the hill Punch the person in the face, who tells you to "fucking chill" 
Thinking of control Makes me quiver and upset I mean who wants to leave a life were Pretty much YOUR LIFE is determined By Everyone ones own aspirations,Dreams,& concepts.
Deny the light you are given for it is precious and given without sacrefice. It rises for you daily, untiredly. Again and again it rises for you, yet you deny its wonderful gift.
Life is so mysterious,Also very precarious.It can get tedious,Unless you are spontaneous!Life can be a hindrance,Hidden from the brilliance,Difficult to make a difference,
Wake up
Some say life is a constant, ever flowing Though we rarely, if ever, know where it's going. Others say only death is immortal
To read is to step into an alternate reality
 To write is to build one
 To act is to live outside of yourself
 To dance is sometimes just to have fun
 To sing is to let your worries flow

Broken. Brittle.  Uncapable. These are the  Words I hear. Everyday.  I believe it.  How can someone  So little change the world? But I am strong.  I am capable. 
Silent Stay silent
  Time. We do not have enough of it To actually worry about it.   Time is a measure Of existence: A beginning, An end, But not the distance In between. 
I'm one of kind 
I remember it like it was yesterday- The dripping of rain upon my window, the sound of the wind blowing across the city- It's hard to tell you the whole truth though because I'm still trying to figure that out myself-
Tell me something Not an empty something Tell me the truth Don't tell me to just smile Or hide it all inside Cause those things aren't working I've got no one by my side.
Aspirations Controls Destinations.    
Authentic, Loving, True, Or Bold, I watch life go by as I turn old, I love the world around me, I love the people near, to my heart... Hate, Screaming, Confused,
I feel like a kid whose lost in his mind an adult body
Life without filters is beautiful,
Me As I pose for that picture
I grew up and down in an unstable wonderland.   Pale arms outreach to touch the moon, but my feet and soul root me to where I stand.   Surrounded by unconventional and unusual beauty.
Don't just listen to the "MUSIC"Pay attention to the message.Its the ignorant that has kept the intelligent arrested.
She is a young girlRosacea gives it awayFull of life, energy, and strong beliefsShe has a different way of looking at the worldNot to judge but to exploreShe wonders how others will look at her
Authenticity - A Life Unmasked     Tall
Dream Big and Dream Small Dont let the Failures Fall Step High and Step Low Choose the Right Path to go Succeed Now and Succeed Later Succeed when you Make Friends with Haters Live Now and Live Then
Neither Here                          nor There                    but somewhere inbetween   CHINESE                                             AMERICAN                   that's the life i lead  
Before the night During the day We all hide In several ways Hair in face is my way With no filter on I have many flaws face like sand and nose so tall
No filter but still a pretty picture Real story's exposed with scratches but I'd say it only makes me more richer no not in money but in wisdom buuddy let me spare you all the details that are bloody
I like quoting movies- A lot. I sometimes forget that the world Isn’t privy to my inner dialogue; If the world could hear my thoughts, it would get lost, buried,
With no filter, my face is pretty average, My voice and hair are nothing to salvage. I’m quiet and shy when around the unknown, My soul and color and pride aren’t shown. When I’m near the ones I care for most,
What are humans Without screens To hide the pain The scars The truth
Painted smile, feeling vileregretting the time gone
A filter is like a mask, a mask is like a disguise, I disguise my feelings and self but why?
The real me isnt pictures you see online Or even sometimes outside. The real me is deep down  Wondering if its okay to be herself or hide. The real me isnt a staright A student But doesnt mean Im not smart.
If you take away the filter The hashtags, the signs I’m left bereft of options And put simply, there am I   Half-hidden in the sun But avoiding the glare You take my picture neck up
As someone with chronic depression, something like this really matters to me. When the depression hits like a trained dog, it feels as if my skin has melted into my bedsheets.
A filter   Nothing but a misconstrued version of normal light Changing context from wrong to right   Take away this glass magnifying falsehoods and repressing flaws
Wake up and look in the mirror, Do you like what you see?
I'm not the typical female, not even instructions will help. I come with all emotions but avoid sadness. Humor and sarcasm is what I do best, even in the moments that need attention.
Like wind, I'm unpredictable. Bringing a breeze, I cause people to move in my direction and not be still. Making the day that much better, to know I am wanted and not wished to go away.
A filter is used to hide the parts of us we don't like and enhance the parts we do. But why do we not "like" parts of ourselves? Society is always telling us to "be ourselves" and "color outside the lines,"
Flawless Music   I retain all these faults that could make me flawless, I can write rhymes, tell the time, though I really shouldn’t floss less.
I have a dream That one day, we teach children to value their realtionships more than their test scores I have a dream That one day, children are taught to live, not just pass
Echo, you privilege soul Stand by as I pillage your home Watch as they rave your condemnation We have yet to live.  
When I'm low I dream of gettin high,
I get up  at 5 in the morning for 5 days and 1 day I have to be out the door by 1. On the Seventh day God allowed Himself to rest from his labors But I am not so lucky. Family is dear and preious to me
you are by Damon Dixon   you are powerful beyond belief
Would a filter be typing? Would a filter mean no erasing? Does that mean I can't correct my grammar?   I'm going to give you the realest me there is, no bullsh*t.   Well, to begin, my appearance.
We as people are canvuses. We get to write our stories and paint our pictures. We take care of ourselvs. If not, we are broken. Delicate, soft, easily destroyed. Every story has an ending, deside yours.
Live  Live Like There's No Tomorrow Live Outside Of The Box Do Things That Seperate You From Others  Do What Others What Look At You Crazy For But You Don't Care, Cause Your Being Yourself 
Alone A word that starts the process You might be in a room full of people But to you It's just YOU A feeling only noticed on the inside On the outside others don't see The pain you go through 
I'm here to be born. I'm here to learn how to speak. I'm here to learn how to walk. And I'm here to learn not to be weak.   I'm here to listen to music. I'm here to listen to the birds.
A quoted young fella with the mind of a revolutionary trying to change the world around him to make it safe for future kids. What more can you ask for; better days better nights. Things don't change so you lonely here with a knife.
I don’t wear makeup everyday.
Why do I suffer?   Why do I hide?   Why do I stay silent to this?   I could never reach your approval.   Why do I even try?   Why do I bother with you?  
The Wander is a nomad with a purpose. The Wander walks without fear. I hold my heart close, knowing I can trust the tides of the waters rather than lips. The Wander is free.
I fall, I rise.  I make mistakes, I live. I've been hurt, but Im alive. I'm human. I'm not perfect, but I learn.  I've encountered hardships, but im thankful. 
Long walks on the beach Looking into your eyes 
Shy is the Strong Mind Forced into the Unkown World Yet Eager to Thrive
Everyone is asking who I want to be. No one is seeing that I'm already me. I'm tired of putting up with all the bullshit and lies.  I'm tired of people trying to change me with their cries. 
BreakawayThis illusion I've seen in my expressionless faceMirrored hate at a being that doesn't have words, and never existed outside cruel minds that ought to have been left behind
No Guarantee Life is crazy i agree I agree
Stop. Look around. Take a second, take a few Breathe in and let it out  
To my descendants: When I arrived in this role I had been given, love was blossoming in many ways. People were just learning to love people for who they are, what they are.
It was just another school day, 
One cannot both live and worry, your only worry should be to live.  
Written by: Juwuan Dennis We the people. Land we people live on. Live on and let live. To waste time is throwing away a clock. Because the tic won't toc. Cure Unfindable by even a doc.
TeethI'm laughing on the outside,
A car crashed After being quiet abashed From a seed of pain
A human has two hands Made to explore the land And touch all that is grand Shaping the world into a dream
swing sets---have this way about them when you’re up in that momentary air you can reach up and catch infinity before sewing it into your pockets. -----for that split second gravity has nothing on you.
I'm trapped by society. A society that works much like a beehive.  The world follows this unknown queen with lingering questions left upon their lips.  Our life is a cycle, a pattern of actions and commands.
Carry your mind with curiousity. Indulge in every wonder within sight, Keep your senses open. Something grand is just beyond this road; This path is leading you to adventure.
Lure them in with your evanescent gleam. Bind them into your eternal paradise. Throw their hypnotic nothings to the wind. Craft velvet wings from jewels.  Your primrose shimmer must never dull.
As this blood drains from my body 
Within this uncompromising maze, the faceless men in white suits force you to stumble along the path from point A to B. Tall white walls confiscate creativity and slowly strangle the unsuspecting
The rain pours down,
Hands shaking, legs aching, back straining with pressure.
its in my lonely  that I realize how I am frail and boney how harsh I am to me,how my heart is stony it is in my lonely that I confront my phony masks get dropped and the acting gets chopped
It's weird. Being in a world so differenet from what your are used to.
My Hope For Life Was To Live ! I Can Be The Most Amazing Person InThe World. Everyone Can See The Shining Light Within Me. But If I Can't See It, It Would'nt  Matter.
One journey has ended But the new has begun It’s my time to shine It’s my time to breathe It’s my time to shout And show who I can be I love to laugh at the way that they look
" Sometimes I'm just riding with the winds flow.
      Do you breathe in whistles, sir? Because every time I walk by that is all I hear.
The river flows backwards
The first day of middle school, dread and fear. This is what started my eighth grade year.   I knew no one, not one single friend
All you see is the exterior form Instantly you judge me by my face, clothes and background Yeah I'm different, isn't everyone? Flawed human beings we are Hiding behind, creating an illusion
You're young and foolish          Life is judgemental and rude Open up and live
A lust for Blood, a lust for love. A need for peace; for all wars to end. The human blood, of such sweet scent. Why, oh why must the scent linger in the air?
    You should have known better
what is love
Who am I, Really? I know I am a Woman but what make me who I am this very moment? Who am I, really? I have a past that's darker than I ever imagined. Who am I, Really?
Him Something about him His laugh, his smile, something that's him This isn't like me
My mind cannot settle when its filled with thoughts, and those thoughts will not come out unless they are spoken about. But how can this be done when im the angry one?
I can be your winter, you can be my fall.    We could make sure, our life is never dull   You can be my summer, I can be your spring.   
Embrace My Love. Inhale my Spirit and Immerse My Soul. Let My life Explode Into Amillion Pieces. Let My Pain be Consoled. Drown In My Sins Until Evil Releases. As I am a Dove As for you Is A Crane.
You know they say gay marriage is not happening ! But if you wear two of the same socks or shoes. Then you matching it. In if you wear two different colors then you mixmatchin.
Do you know what that emptiness feels like Inside? When Knots in your Stomach Ties. Do you know what it feels like when your smile hides? Do you know what the coner feels likes when theres no one behind?
As I inhale and exhale and I feel my heartbeat, I know that I am LIFE.  When I die, will it matter that I don't desire a husband, that I prefer a wife?
Colors begin to fade. Hands begin to lose feeling from the tight grip. The walls begin to cave. Clothes are being ripped. Theres no light just shade. The room begins to spin. Tears roll down her face.
I am an optimistic soul I wonder about my past I hear the time keepers hands I see my future I want to start over I am a prisoner of time
I wish I was special, But Im Just Different. I wish I Was A Gift, But im just a Present. I Wish I was a Blessin, But Im Just blessed. I wish I could Fly, But instead I can Walk.
I go to sleep waiting to dream To get away from life everything seen Fighting each other they love what they see That's what they want beg and bleed for some feed Oh well I'll just start slanging some weed
You've move on now and I respect you I will never come between the 2 . But when I said I Love You I commited my heart to you. My souls crys for you . My heart whispers to you.
If you could Place your arms on someone for the last time, would you just hold me? If you could walk anywhere in the world you wanted, would you walk out my life?
I live in the darkness I can hear the blades get sharpened i am cold and wet All i have is this carpet, which i use as a blanket I do what i'm told and my stomach is still flat
I was a broken child from a broken home, But now im Becoming A women being put back together. Im Not Alone, I Walk With My Dreams And Live With My Fears,
The morning is always an intimate piece of work.
They tell us it’s our own decision, they tell us we have choices, They say “Do what makes you happy”, and “speak with your own voices”, But why then do I feel so trapped? Following a premade trail,
Young like a kid and wild like a forest i meet him and felt complete for seven hundred thirty days i felt alive and loved.welcomed we wasted time, long talks on the phone,
You can be free, But not too free. You can say what you want, But here’s the script you need to read from. You have your own thoughts and opinions, But only what we implant.
Emotion. The one true feeling that seperates us from them.
I think it's about time for the change to be birthed. It's about damn time for the truth to be heard. It is about that time for the tables to be turned. A second where all the lies will finally be burned.
Control. Let it go hold it in Breathe Control. Hit a wall Scream so loud Breathe   Control. Uncontrolable emotions Cry like mad  
Placed by the window, the delicate bouquet sits pristine and untouched with petals like placid smiles and soft sissy hands, they settle dainty and benign in their sheltered vase.  
She stands outside; the sun's to her back; Her shadow keeps her from being alone. It's an autumn day, the sky is blue, It dawns on her how time has flown.   
     There are worse things than not talking You can say something wrong                       you're stupid                           leave
      Live life in love, for love is free; as is a smile,      Though sparingly are they given      And mistakes are felt, and apologies dealt,      Though seldom are they forgiven.
My mind gives birth to many thoughts...
"You don't know what I say in my mind Close to my heart"--"get your face out of their behind!" "You think you're so this and so that all that pride and ego talking, take a seat" she sat
Kid you've got to live Kid you've got to inhale this air and pass the puff puff bc a plant will never be greater than a tree Plant a seed and spend hours watching it grow
  We finally learn how to work out the rhyme, And we see to move on and not worry for time.
I try but the words don't come For once, I'm rendered speechless
Social Media     Facebook -   Making a page that will deliberately describe what I want to say.
People act like they know me But they dont, and I don't care What they say. My life is perfect I've had trials and hurdles and I've overcame them. So laugh And make fun I'm sorry your life
Goverment For you we must excel But, how can we without the proper funds
Day in, and day out there is a voice inside my head
voice mono toned, deaf to all ear. unable to relent nor express deep fear controlled by all sides of other people expressions able to listen but unable to be heard words struggle to escape the mind 
My Friend,   I hold your face with gentle hands, gazing into
         We will live.
Playing Peek-A-Boo through the bushes. I see a daisy, a damsel in distress, I wonder to myself; a flower that has never been caressed.
    laid out spread like butter on the ground.      i'm melting. yellow self bubbling  as i seep into the ground. through eyes that barely see but  straight ahead,
  what litters my Mind, is the Mind itself. how self-absorbed and arrogant of itself,
Whats on your mind?  I alwyas ponder this question time to time. We often wonder about our problems and what puts us in these binds. I think of the same things, sometimes I wonder should i commit crimes?
Real life, real words, real truths, mean little to you. You hide behind your paranoa, You want the "best" for me yet  Your support of my dreams means nothing to you. You ask me to subsitute what I want for myself 
I may not be her first her last or her only.she may adore again however she cherishes me now and thats what matters. She may not be immaculate however not, one or the other am I will clutch her and  provide for her the most that I can.
Darling, darling... open your ears and listen to these words you must hear Stop puhing away the things you hold dear because of your fears
Oppression surrounds us, many don't value our opinion but they can't dictate our lives What some may regard as nonsense may be wisdom to the ears others Your voice is powerful and unique to you
"Why do you talk so white?" Well sir, what do you mean? I'm only talking the way I know how to speak, are you sure I don't talk pink? "But, why don't you talk black?"
What the fuck do you know about me? What the fuck do you know? Who the hell are you To say? To choose For me,  What you do see. A skinny black kid? You see A Pair of Glasses? You see -
I’m Tired  Tired of being told I can’t do something Tired of being told I’m too slow Tired of being told I’m too small Tired of being told I’m to week I’m Tired
I have zero desire to do anything constructive;
The people of the Earth, were once married to it. In a Garden good and pure, they lived quite happily.
Think.   Not about you
Death is like air abundant everywhere.                                                                                                 And it lerks always coming around.                                                                             
We survive in a world of consumption No compassion for the surrounding How can we agree that we even live
Life is a mystery full of surprises You'll never know what's going to happen so just live through it.   Count your days count your blessings count your mistakes before your life
I don't have to apologizefor not being perfect
The heart beats like a thousand drums When in the face of inquiry to another A yearning soul heard over melodious hums
Put you hands down NOW  this isnt happening NO! yes, or i will shoot
Put you hands down NOW  this isnt happening NO! yes, or i will shoot
  Skipping daintily on his merry little toes The Pied Piper plays his tune. And laughing happily as he goes His eyes do glisten like the moon.   He beckons on with fiery force
  Clickity-clack The hands do smack Over keyboards of our Macs Tweeting our bros back.   Shorts up ya butt. Praised is the slut. The preppies want the purebreds,
It's great to see technology increase for the better good.It's great to see people control manual robots for precise surgeries.It's great that deaf people can hear, and soon blind people will see.
Struggling to be free.  What is freedom? 
These big and strong trees Have a great tunnel like view with their evergreen leaves
  The scorching Serengeti heat casts a spotlight
 Shining on a glorious creature whose life is finite
 He enters the land of the stories untold But he is the hunter whose task is so bold

Today you are 12 Tomorrow you will be older and wiser than this number claims You will climb trees You will sing in the night You will be happy.   Tomorrow you will be older
Today is a new day. I will take a step back to breathe. Looking around at the beauty that surrounds me. The warmth of the sun against my skin. Birds singing and flying through trees. Today is a new day.
Change is a powerful thing Sometimes it brings us joy And sometimes sorrow At times we do not see it affect us
Look around and what do you see? 
Here we found our home
I listen to my mother
My father told me he was proud of me once,
Desperate measures call for desperate actions. That's all I knew. I sat crying in front of my sister, Hurting so badly I pleaded at her, Please just kill me. She looked at me sadly asking innocently.
  Love is such a simple word However the power behind it can put a person in a whirl I can never say I knew love Nor the powers it contained
Madness Is My Only Cure, Sanity Is What People Tell Me Is Pure,
The white Hills and Valleys, All the Grooves and Notches, Are spread Clear Before Your eye. The same white all Around you.   Then a Brown river
Time never sleeps  Not even creeps by  Showing no mercy  So why waste time dreaming of tomorrow When tomorrow can be today So why waste time dreaming   Why not Seize the Day 
  The sun rises and sets on another day of disgrace, For a world filled with Drug dealers, crack heads, hookers, and children Without a place to call home. But they warned us About the world.
Stop searching,Let it go,There are times to use your eyes,for now, let it flow.Be the being of brokenhearted brutality,if that’s who you are.
Today I stand watching blank faces, Their sorrows hidden in between the spaces of their broken hearts. Shattered minds echo through these hallways, this supposed education, the proposed libation,
It takes pain to know that you're alive,    That your heart is beating.    That your skin is feeling.    That your lungs are breathing.   It takes passion to know that you have the drive,
Is it normal to hate someone we've never met Is it normal to talk about the way they look                                                                       talk
Today is the day we make something of ourselves, we become rocket scientists, we become doctors.   Today is the day we learn something new, we learn how to love, we learn how to lose.  
I raise my flag to half mast,Acknowledging all who have come before,Who had their minds set on dreams above the clouds, God watching with love and anticipation,
people today think they know what respect truly is, when they don't even respect the opinions of others.
I will not I will not These words repeat in my head Over and over and over I will not cry Not in front of you I must be strong Because if I’m not strong then who will be
I have an angel by my side She's the reason I'm still alive She wiped my tears when I would cry She kept me from the dark where I would hide So I will tell you a story thats bloody and true
It's seen in her eyes the beauty and danger of this world. Full of love, full of hurts. And everything in between. Thought she knew what life meant but life is just a tempt. Full of truth, full of lies.
Trust is like a currency or a golden ticket. Giving it to that special someone, So they will stay and be your friend. Trust is something will live for and strive from.
It takes a while. Speaking. Writing. Communicating. These are all things which people take for granted. Luck. Something which does not come easily to me. Ouch! Unfortunately, this simple word is said a lot. Almost daily. Too often. Brain. Head.
Belladonna     A beauty that illuminates such carnation hue   You defiled me with your sinful pleasure  
A kiss is just a kiss  Until you find the one you love, A hug is just a hug Until you find the one you're always thinking of. A dream is just a dream Until it comes true, Love was just a word
The Pit Bull friend or foe Mans best friend or no? Bread a killer or a devoted companion. The gentle giant to some, A murderer to most. Powerful, Intimidating, caring all so true,
  I will succeed I want to graduate high school I want to further my education I want to go to college I will succeed I want to get good grades in college
My head and heart screamin' out your name, It's been so long since they deemed me sane. The middle of the night, I'm in this dream, I want so much to see you standing beside me.
You've got my heart beat runnin' high, make me feel like I can touch the sky. You give me that look, your amazing eyes, My heart takes over, goes into overdrive...
Rules. Are meant to be broken. Promises. Are meant to be kept. Secrets. Are meant to be told. Friendships. Are meant for you to hold. Relationships. Aren't always perfect.
Life is pure No matter the weather Sun Rain Wind Snow No matter the place City Country Somewhere in between No matter the People Emotions Events
I can see That the walls are moving in on me But I can’t tell If I’m in heaven for in hell I’m claustrophobic
Be yourself, be who you want to be, need to be, love to be. its whats inside of you growing, needing to sprout, be alive, come alive and show everybody who you really are.
      Competition in this generation marks the determination of H.I.P.H.O.P We will be those who carry insanity
Not every day do you see a place like this Some call it a hole, others an abyss It appears to be a gateway to Hell Those who fall into it have a story to tell  
Here lies the woman of dreams who escaped turmoil on the high of laughter, plummeted into the stories sung by written words and tears, and danced in imaginary lands while cowering from the sun.
Your heart beats in me Thumping, thumping You kick with your feet Thumping, thumping Drummer girl you dance Along in my womb You prance and dance To Lullaby's sung to you
Our faith is our sail Intuition the wind The life we've built for ourselves is the hull beneath our feet The world may get rough at times The seas shaky and the winds turbulent
hey yall its mycall (michael) to live on and so forth and so on my life is a pen and a pad im just right on rythm is my poem like life goes on like my poems are just a bunch of run ons cant you tell that im on 
Walking across the beach, feeling the gritty warm texture of the sand against my feet, I think about life. Life as it is now and how life will be.
Somebody once told me that Life was like clay, no matter how much you fiddle around with it the clay will eventually harden. What did they mean?   Somebody once said that Life was beautiful and
They’re more scared of me, than I am of them For the God I serve is alive not dead. They are so naïve and they say they’re brave, Yet they sit in offices and send troops to the grave.  
Unforgettably forgettable  You never paid attention to her, not even if it was critical  The society would see her, but she would still feel invisible You'd hear her name, and intimation owls go, "who?" 
  I love.I lose.I learn.I leave.I live.And I love again. I give.I forgive.I blame.I shame.I renounce name.Yet still I give again. I love.I lose.I learn.I leave.I live.And still I love again.  
I knew where I was headed, Lost in thought, nose in a book: Dragons, fairies, elves and sugar plum days. Every thought, every move.
Life is a perpetual cold. It is said to cure it "Do what you're told. Don't stray from the norm, or life will suck." But I am not a sitting duck. The status quo is getting old,
“What do you do when your world is falling?” “How do you continue to keep stalling?”   Smiling, I begin to tell my tale, The story of how I never fail.   “Don’t you ever look to the past!”
We are undefined by words alone, the ones who stand, the rolling stones. They will say stand out in a crowd and try something newBut heaven forbid that you actually do.
Shinning brighter than the stars,I watch the lights blink on, one by one.Sitting on the cold grass, under a blanket of dark,The view across the water humbles me. I watch the lights blink on, one by one.Some colorful, some just plain white.The view
Our happiness can't be judged by the money we haveIt can't be judged by the objects we ownNot even the smile we put on to hideAll the saddness that we've built up inside
Masochistic me I enjoy watching you die. For I never will. (Haiku)
I see the serene water gently drifting by, As the sun shines bright where I lie, Peace is around all around where I see,  Yet there is a problem lingering with me, My heart feels frantic and tries to escape,
The conversation in my mind is like the round of applause that rang after your favorite band played that summer. Spirited and wracked with resolution, except in my mind, in strands of complicated arguments.  
A broken watch lies in my hands It seems to have died the day I found my fate Like the burden of knowledge I must act In fact, run and race time before he beats me to my own game   A head start would suffice
  for love, for hate, for the broken-hearted... for your tears, for your fears, for all you've ever wanted but could not win for the man you are but cannot really show for the woman you pretend to be
Life isn't about finding yourself Life is about creating yourself It gets hard Living in a world that's wrapped up in a system that we didn't create
I smile I laugh I joyously shout I hug I cry for them And they cry for me I help as best I can I pry for those who need the prying I hide for those who want the hiding
Tic. Tok. Tic. Tok. Tic. Tok. Time is running away, growing short, fading to black. It's the end of the film, time to applaud, time to give praise. When the grain of sand is used, it's gone away, no getting it back.
Spoken words that are known by many understand by little is called poetry what it means to me is lyrics running through my head words that ever one has but can't understand them  emotion is a form of expressing one's self
A voice inside a soulThe emotion, the strength, the hidden confidence That sometimes never releases; or is trapped on paper By the pen that squeezes out the voice onto a sheet ...Then another sheet, another sheet!It becomes journal of dreams we wa
I'm surrounded by many. I know people love me. But why do I still feel lonely? I smile, laugh, and have fun. But why don't I feel happy? What people see isn't always true.
How do you change a color of a rose?   When its color is already deep red.   Do you paint over its radiant shade?   Hoping that will stay when the right things are said.  
I left them behind in the airport    and forgot to look back   Eight months and twenty-eight days    this country has been growing in me    kicking until I crumble and stand back up
Life is like a puzzle The whole picture is only seen at the end Piece by piece, moment by moment it builds up In a second it can be destroyed After an earthquake you put the pieces back together
Entangled with the path of wandering I find myself often here pondering Which road should I take? Can I go back? WIll I forget? Confused I find myself tangled here Ropes from friends and other 'Dears',
Listen. Miscommunication sucks. The people involved in this travesty feel unheard and underappreciated.
I write to show the beauty in freeing your soul by using words. I write to create the security of those who just want to speak up and discourse as freely as the birds.
The tears roll down from his eyes and are blown away in whispers By the wind This Man I do not know him   He cries in an agony I cannot see He is alone beside me
  Life is a control We hold the power over ourselves in our hands But there’s no anytime use power button Although there is that little button some people resort to When they just can’t handle it anymore
Deep within my soul this story untold Of love life happiness and dreams deferred A poet’s passion Let my pen lead you down, down this road if you dare To tell a passion of poetry a love so deep none could tear
Alone under dark skies Where ambience and little life cries To the power they ride Live they who contest the lie     Falling upon the deafest of mouths And the hungriest of ears
Poems capture beauty They describe a living scene They talk about the real world Things everyone can see   If you've ever seen a sunset Splashes of color in the sky Or gazed upon a rainbow,
 On a grey day filled with rain that never stopsAs my heart screams but can't be heard, time continues to clockI have news--good, bad, happy, and sadYet I have no one around to tell them as they're too busy musedWith their pleasures and ecstasy, y
Out of my way Out of my skin Fire flows through my brain Let me go back to my time The time I went to fly Fly higher than the sky Where I met strangers  They were neither red nor black
Metal giants towering,the music of history overpowering.The wonderland that goes by many names,its hidden treasure… a chance at fame.LIGHTS! The lights of the big stage are blinding,
Happiness is a feeling not a destination.So why do we keep searching on a path full of limitations.Searching in objects becomes our new motivation to move up an elevation. Because tv ads have provided us with this generalization.
Do something  Make something Be something Just go and do. Don't just be. Just being is boring. Be something Make something, of yourself, outside yourself.
Art, mind, body, soul. All are connected. Poetry, theatre, dance, sing. All are therapy. With therapy we join. With therapy we live.
I chose to write today Having been gifted with literacy Gifted with the words I say Have power, the authority To bear truth, God-given knees Bent in prayer, wholly broken  
Personify me.  The way you see me, and the way I see myself will forever reign  different.  Take control of the ink, push limbs to trees and write out a new beginning,  ending, way to live, 
I write, therefore I am free free to be me i live in a country  with freedom of expression and  I choose to use it. I need no therapy sessions,  write my own questions
This World We're In Full of fear of the end There are some who seek For the greater good- But can great be misunderstood This World We're In Full of love and enjoyment A house for my family, is money well spent And those who tend to live forever..
  Why am I crying... Why would I shed a tear with no reason behind it... Is my life leading me towards unhappiness, Or am I just shedding a tear for each person that suffers each day.
To live forever is a hopeless dream, Humans are meant to come and go from here, Life is not something that you can redeem,
We stand to fall, We run to crawl, We laugh to cry, and we live to die. No matter what turn you take, your actions all lead to fate. The fate at the end of the road you're on, 
Heads are turning on an axis As they’re dancing lightning flashes Round and round their spirits go, Rain drops falling on their noses.   Wishing it would never end Thunder crashing out again,
Close your eyes, open your mouth, let your stomach shout an OMMMM stretch, relax, take care of your skin, eat properly, be gentle, give, never take, be honest. Work hard, sleep much,  run
Life is cruel Life is pain Life will make you go insane   Life is mad Life is mean Life will make you loath being a teen   Life is evil Live is crazy
                                                                                     A Dancers World                                                             
Dreams our sincerest kept secrets Our heart desires that burn like raging fires. Things that we can't or won't say aloud
Poetry found me when I had just become a teen. Before then I had loved to write but that was just short stories
Do you believe in life ? It's calling your name That persistent ringing in your ears Makes you feel the shame
While walking down the street one day I heard a small boy cry Why hath this life have no meaning And why do people die I thought to myself "oh small boy everyone asks someime"
In this moment, we are infinite, We’re alive. Something bigger than ourselves. Something not meant to die. In this moment, we are crazy. Wild and carefree.
What is a mistake if we along with everyone around us cannot learn and benefit from it? Too many of my family members, friends, teachers, this generation and ones before me have been effected by numerous heath issues such as:
Maybe He needs to stop. Maybe He needs to forget that he's not always the only person on top Maybe he needs to hold off of these shots cuz he knows it wouldn't hit the spot Maybe he should give himself some little props
Time flies way too fast There is no reverse Youth is fleeting My childhood is in pieces Is this what reincarnation is for? Re-do Do over Can I take everything I have done back?
Just release the bad, Invite the good and you'll see A life meant to be
Wanderlust I want to see the world I need to experience the sectional wonders And gape openly at this earth’s natural splendor I want to see the world I must explore every inch
I've lived I've learned I've loved I've learned I've lost I've learned I've lied I've learned I've listened I've learned I've laughed I've learned I've lived
Without pain…. You would not know of badness, Or goodness You would not know what is wrong, Or what is right You would not know of darkness in the mind, Or light in the soul
What's in a day that can't be found in a breath? Going for more but coming with less, Finding that what you have is not what you thought, Still forward for fear that if you stop you are lost.
Never ending Everlasting Wondrous Yellow Outrageous Rainy Kindling That is where I wish to be New York, New York.
Imagine standing on greatness The world is wild but you will find a way to tame it Be shameless, cause it's only those that are crazy enough to believe they can change things That end up famous
It’s a nice hot summer day You’re going on a family trip That is two hundred miles away You don’t want you mom to flip So you chose to not say a word You thirst, but do you dare take a sip?
I have cried And feel Like I've just died I don't know whyyyyyy. I hurt so bad I get so mad When the pain Hits me hard It feels like acid rain As being stab by shard
And there's a reason you shouldn't burn bridges, Cuz sometimes they just can't be rebuilt, and it's a guilt trip every time you try to mend that relationship.
Everytime I go to tell you what's on my mind I lose control. I feel so much emotions in my heart, mind, body and soul. But for some reason I don't know how to let the truth unfold.
Sometimes Amongst a world of chaos, loss, anonymity, and pain The thing you need the most is to be invisible To no longer try to fit into it all Into all the deceit, The roles of society
Nothing is a given, Nothing is for sure, Nothing guarantees, You’ll live another day That which makes you who you are, Is solely up to you
The skeletons of life unlead, Haunt me everyday Until Until I make this life I lead, Nothing else but mine
Life unlead is life a waste, Yours is your own, you set the pace Make your mark on the human race, Leave a mark, Make a difference, Live each day like your last The sun the flowers, the sky up high,
Perhaps beauty does not exist, but rather is the different ways people see the same thing, Perhaps there are no truths and lies, but just different ways we perceive what we see and hear,
~the Grass isn’t always greener but it’s hard when we don’t see the hell im glad i rely on my sisters and brothers instead of watching friendships sail hope no one looks at my life as perfect
There are bumps in the road. Many tears to cry. There can be laughter and smiles All you need to do is try. Discover the places that make you smile But stop and look once in a while.
Love lives with no worries about who it will love next. Nor do it worry about who loves the best. Its the perfect role model for moving on from the past. Its mistakes are lessons learned and carried over from the last.
What is the meaning of life does it mean walking through every day with strife and in the end taking ones own life? Walking in an empty shell having your feelings swell without any quell?
Los Angeles I walk this city everyday of my life if I go by car or by skate board, bike I came across some delays in this time a day whether running from crips or an old lady cane
Life, So meaningless and rich, It withers like a dying flower And yields its beauty with, Yet richer than the richest golds And finer than the finest jewels,
Walking home, long day. November already? We vote, and give thanks. The leaves are brown. And the weather slips down. The cold giving me a slight chill.
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