I'm laughing on the outside,
Still crying within.
Invisible now, 
Wishing I could go back to when,
When the sun was brighter.
Before the darkness overwhelmed me.
When my heart was still a fighter,
Beating so wild and free.
Now I'm just 
Feeling worthless

Now I'm just lying through my teeth to curve the pain.
With words such as

Outside I am someone,
Not just a face in the crowd.
Or at least that's what they say.
They say I am 
But I could never fully believe them.

Inside I am no one,
Marked with the invisible scars of chaos.
Not a single person stopped to help me,
In my despicable mess.
And as for those who stopped and pretended to care, 
Well they've already abandoned me. 
So, here I am.
Trapped within the bloody bars of my own heart,
Surrounded by an inescapable darkness,
But the light deeply hidden in my soul
Will forever shine.

It will shine because society has no control over who I truly am.
It will shine because I was created for a purpose,
And that purpose was not,
And still is not to be a useless sack of flesh.

It will shine brightly,
Defeating the darkness that haunts me.
It will shine brightly and blind those who mock me,
Who verbally destroy me.

One day I'll stand tall
And no longer fake a smile through gritted teeth.
I will grin widely in satisfaction!
Satisfaction in knowing that I can be who I am!
Regardless of what he did to me, What she said to me,
What they labeled me,
What I labeled myself!

Look at my smile world.
The world can now meet the real me,
As I flash my honest teeth.

This poem is about: 
Our world



Amazing poem! :)

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