A Start of Wonder


Carry your mind with curiousity.

Indulge in every wonder within sight,

Keep your senses open.

Something grand is just beyond this road;

This path is leading you to adventure.

Action that will enhance your curious eyes.

Fun that will fill your face with a glowing smile.


You have to wander in order to wonder.

To know, you need experience.

And to reach the top, you need height.

To fall needs the same elevation.

Jumping would be a curious action,

I ask you to jump with the faith

that you have wings to fly.

A safe descent down.


Intrude on the world as though

It was created to be your coloring book.

You were meant to make it beautiful.

A piece of you should be left,

So that some one finds your creativity.

Let the difference in you form a new color,

The world will discover you.


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