Poem for my Brother

Today you are 12

Tomorrow you will be older

and wiser than this number claims

You will climb trees

You will sing in the night

You will be happy.


Tomorrow you will be older

And more tired than your friends

You will lie in bed

You will dream

and that is okay.


You're more than anyone knows

You're smart

You're kind

You're happy,


You're more happy than me.


Never forget these words

For they are all I can give you

Be stupid

Break your heart

Live to regret.


No one will love you

as fully as I love you

I don't always show it

I don't always attend your games

I'm not always there.


But I love you

And I always will

I'll be leaving soon

Then I won't be here at all

So for the next few months

I'll teach you everything I know

and when I see you again you can teach me to be happy.





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