I write this and every poem as a note...


Hialeah, FL
United States


for love, for hate, for the broken-hearted...

for your tears, for your fears, for all you've ever wanted but could not win

for the man you are but cannot really show

for the woman you pretend to be

for the truth that screams inside of you

and for the lies your silence hides

This is for you

because i know you..

you are 'all the lonely people'

who come from a lonely place inside...

and gather in the crowd to play the role of 'put-together john and jane'...

you are everyone.

I want to write for your sorrow, for your scars, for the wounds that have not healed

for the strength it takes to be you

for the thoughts that abide in the moments you first open your eyes

and when you go to sleep

for the secrets that overcome you

for the feelings you'll never share

for the moments you feel too weak to be john and jane

I write this and every poem...for you...for me...for everyone.



The above is a reflection of what poetry means to me.

Poetry lives on the inside of our hearts and minds and comes alive with the feelings that live there.

My words commemorate those thoughts, feelings, secret moments that abide inside

us all.

My writing comes from and represents the feeling of connection I have toward


knowing that we all endure the same and cope the same, in many differents ways.




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