The Clock Keeps Moving

One thing that can never be disproven,

Is that time one way or another,

Will always keep moving,

The clock on the wall,

Will forever tik onward,

That is why my motto,

 Is to always move forward,

Me being a teen,

I don't have much wisdom,

But a wise man once said,

"Don't take anyone's criticism,"


Life is short,

Time moves fast,

The creativity in the youthful,

Will sadly not last,

Society's made up of robots,

It works like a system,

So listen to the wise man and don't fall for their criticism,


Take in today,

Pay attention to tomorrow,

Because not matter what,

Life works like dominos,

The actions you take,

Will affect someone else,

Just always remeber,

It is up to yourself


The clock will keep moving,

Time never stops,

Not for you,

Not for anyone,

So push through to the top.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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