Those Who Dared to Live


I raise my flag to half mast,
Acknowledging all who have come before,

Who had their minds set on dreams above the clouds,

God watching with love and anticipation,


The people who have come before realized,

To live is not to breathe,

To live is to do and be,


They realized,

Death does not come by perishing,

But rather that death springs from never pursuing,


How exciting it is,

To stand on the edge,

Facing death but knowing you had overcome unmeasurable obstacles with your life,


This is how it is for every person who has ever lived to make a difference,

And dared to reach for the unattainable,


It is like a runner who sees his course and prepares,

by choosing the right gear,

acknowledging the danger,

and training for the course set before him.


As he face's his course all he can feel is his body tensing,

His heart pounding with anticipation for what is ahead,

Ambition to begin...knowing he has prepared himself for this moment

And feeling the unmeasurable strength ready to push him forward,


If you desire to live,

See your course,

Let the journey begin,

Let your feet move,

Let your hands reach,


Extending more and more and more,

Until all you can see is the finish line...

But acknowledging this is not the end....

But yet another beginning to a glorious life full of victories,


Press on...

You fail not by trying...

But try to fail so you may overcome,


Again we remove our hats,

Thanking those who dared to dream,

Picking up their batton....and daring push to Live


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