Maybe He needs to stop.
Maybe He needs to forget that he's not always the only person on top
Maybe he needs to hold off of these shots cuz he knows it wouldn't hit the spot
Maybe he should give himself some little props
Instead of forcing himself down in a diabolical box
Where he's wedged inside of his thoughts
Leaving him feeling unorthodox
Twisting his neck into knots
Leaving his body at bottom to rot
Maybe he needs to realize that he has the option whether he wants tostay in it or not
It's easy to forget these thoughts
But it ain't easy to stop thinking
His ocean of thoughts that he's sinking in
Maybe it isn't so bad to forget all the things that he had or the moments when he was feeling sad or even forget the reasons why he snapped that day when he went mad
he ain't a normal lad
Maybe he's crazy
It's just a maybe
Who knows what his mind is like
Even he doesn't see how sane it is inside
A master mind magician playing tricks
Possessed when he's ticked
A crucifix won't get it fixed
This demonic trick isn't for kids
Silly rabbit
Nothin but an addict with this habit
Break it to the point where no one can have it
These thoughts can go in a present box
No bother to even wrap it
He was a weak kid
A game of hide and seek
Where pain was always it
How can he beat this game without risks?
Always hiding
Who in their right mind will take the time to run
When he could stand tall and brace for the fall take one blow to the gut
It's a wake up call
Nothing will be hidden at all
His secrets are bound to reveal to the world
These words are the beginning
These rhymes will conclude the ending
The meanings are for those who's willing to comprehend the understandings
He needs to stop, maybe
He's killing himself, maybe
He's gone insane, really
How crazy would it be if he
says he's finally happy
Finally smiling without lying to himself and his heart
He's back to square one, ready to start all over
No regrets that he's looking back
Living it up to things he has
Thankful for where he's at
Grateful for the one he's with
Maybe he was misunderstood, not only by others
but by his heart
Maybe he did all that he could, to reach further
out of the dark
Maybe it was all a nightmare
or being trapped in the devil's glare
In an illusion seeing barrage of lies
Maybe he was tested for the worst
so this dignity could never die
Maybe This all happened to give him a drive to write. (poems go here)


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