Emotions Rule: Cause and Effect

Have you ever stopped to think about your emotions

How deep your emotions really go

How about the rules given to emotions

The ones that tell you how to act or when to act

The ones that say no it's impossible you have to act like this when this happens

The ones that say you have to laugh when someone says a joke even if it wasn't funny

Or how about the rules that tell you when you shouldn't be happy

Have you ever thought of that

Have you ever been gratefully over something really small

Or do you only ever think about the big stuff when it comes to you being grateful over something

Some people say the small things don't matter its the bigger picture you have to worry about

But truthfully the devil is in the details

Everything has a cause and an effect

But nowadays more and more people are thinking less about the effect side

 of things

There is a theory about how our actions can change are future

That each action you do can cause your world to split into parts

It mainly has to do with the parallel demission theory just way more in depth and also way more complicated

Its scary to think about how one thing can effect you so much

That it not's just the big things in life but the little ones too that effect can effect your future so much

Most people don't think about this

They don't think about what causes those big events

What builds up to them

Its all the little things

They build up they come together to make the storm

Your life is a timeline

Made up of things both big and small

Now this doesn't mean you need to think and stress over every single thing you do

But think back

Back in life when you had done one thing

One small thing and think of what happened afterwards

Think of that one time you didn't do all of your chores

What happened?

Did your parents yell at you?

Did that small spat back and forth lead into something else something bigger?

Do you see the cause and effect now?


The world is a scary place

We live in a world where any and everything can be put into text and be sent anywhere in the world

That has many, many, upsides

It also has a large amount of downsides

You can't control how someone reads a simple of text

No one can

Two people that grew up together in the same household can read the same thing and feel completely different about it.

It's because despite that they are so much alike

They are not the same no matter what

There minds are different

The way they think

The way they feel its all so different

And it shows in the little things they do

In the small ways they react

When someone feels out of place or uncomfortable in a place they will most likely cross their arms over their chest its a natural instinct

Your chest holds a lot of major organs

When you uncomfortable your mind will automatically do things to try and change that

Your emotions control a lot more than you think they do

They control you in funny ways

And there's nothing you can really do to change that

And you shouldn't want to

Your emotions make you who you are

Sometimes your gut feeling is right

Your body can notice things before your mind has the chance to catch up to it

So let your emotions rule once in a while

You never know

Maybe it will be great


Maybe not so much

You never know until you try



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