Understand Me

Tue, 08/05/2014 - 05:49 -- Souls


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United States
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Do you know what that emptiness feels like Inside?

When Knots in your Stomach Ties.

Do you know what it feels like when your smile hides?

Do you know what the coner feels likes when theres no one behind?

Do You Know what being Alone feels like?

Do you Know what being Strong feels like?

Do You have Fear?

Do you know the true meaning of shedding a Tear?

Have your world ever been so Blue you feel like you at the bottom of the ocean Sinkin with your insides?

Have your World ever been so Cold Your hearts Untouchable from the frostbite?

Have you ever been in so much Darkness and Pain that it blinds you from Healin wounds and Light?

Have you ever been so down That you can feel yourself sliping away with death hangin at your feet and your Soul Hangin Above your Head?

Have you ever Love so Hard it Hurts and you Just don't Know why?

Have you ever cared so much that your life is no longer Your Life its one with another?

Have you ever Hated so bad That in Controversey Love was the Strongest feeling you Had?

Have You ever Hated Love So much that You Hated yourself for ever feeling this way?

Well what i'm tryna say is!

Understand my pain Understand my tears Understand My life Understand my fears.

Understand My Happiness Understand why i hurt Understand why i Care Understand why i don't go

Understand why I am here Understand Why i don't talk to you Understand why i don't open up to you

Understand why I don't share with you Because when i did you Never Notice

Understand ,Understand, Understand ME.


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