Remembering times you were fearless

When days didn’t drag on and on

When life was lived young and reckless

When nights didn’t fear for the dawn


When your eyes gleamed with excitement

For adventures since come and gone

When you knew how to live in the moment

And acknowledge the earth you were on


But it’s ok to be no longer fearless

That your heart plays a soft sadder song

It’s ok to be your own forgiveness

For the things that you’ve hid for so long


Let go of the weight on your shoulders

Don’t let the world crush you to dust

For the stones will one day be boulders

And chains will grow weaker with rust


For quitting is not always weakness

Sometimes it’s harder to let go

But teaching yourself to be fearless

That’s a smile you can’t help but show

This poem is about: 
My family
My community



Great Poem ! I agree sometimes it is better to let go, then to let unfinshed buisiness dictate how you act in the future. 

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