No Place I'd Rather Be

Wakey-wakey, get out of bed

The sun is shinin'

The dogs are barkin'

But this pillow is a perfect fit, to cradle my head.


There are things to be done,

Always things to be done.

And though where I lay never seemed to be more comfortable than in this very moment,

There are things to be done.


Food is what I live for, oh so yummy to me.

You can't live without food, and trust me

I'll eat everything!


Chicken, pizza, ice cream,

Cereal, eggs, pancakes so good.

French fries, pasta, broccoli steamed,

Your mouth ain't watering yet? You must have misunderstood.


I open up my iPhone, turn on my speaker,

Connect my bluetooth, how cool is it that sound can travel through the air?

Music and I belong like man and wife,

Heals me when my heart is sore

And when I'm already loving life,

Tunes make me love it even more.

New music is like a gift to me.

Drake, Tiller, Future, and Kehlani.


Hakuna Matata, it means no worries.


What wakes me up you say?

Well this month is October,

Hot cocoa, cold weather, warm clothes for days.

The best part: scary movies galore!

Its almost Halloween,

Ghosts, vampires, zombies,


Is that your face or just your costume?


But let's get real now, there are things to be done.

I have goals, dreams, aspirations.

There are things to be done.


I'm not the person yet I want to be,

But hold up, I didn’t say I wasn’t happy.

I just know there is work to be done,

Errors to be made…

My journey has just begun.


I know I will fail and I'm prepared for that.

But I will stand tall and bite back.

Whatever I can't accept, I will change.

If my life gets too messy, I will rearrange.


One day is one step closer,

To the places I want to see, the woman I want to be.

One day is one step closer,

To new opportunities.


It's crazy how some can look in the mirror and not know who they are…

It's crazy that you live a long life, then you go to meet your maker…

You can love just to get left,

Kids will commit theft,

Cops will murder out of fear,

Saints sin all the time, didn't you hear?


But that all means nothing,

When you got a family that loves you,

Friends who will ride for you,

A heart of gold,

Imagination ain't nothin' new.


Good things come to those who work hard.

Great things come to those who love hard.


Find joy in the little things,

Do what lifts your spirits.

Go out and get your rings,

You deserve the best and you better know it.


Smile at strangers,

Let your wild side shine.

Pamper yourself to manicures.

Make it essential to wine n dine.


There are always things to be done.


My parents took real good care of me,

Did all they could with what they had for me.

I couldn't ask for a better team.

They created the greatest offspring (me).


I wake up to smile.

I open my eyes to be grateful.

I greet the day with hope,

Life isn't a 30-day trial

That you can take back if you can't cope.


So live it up.

Live every day like it's your last.

Ex you can't get over?

Move on it was in the past.

Focus on what's important.

Sit around with those you love.

You know I'm talking about family.

They're a blessing from the Lord above.

Put your pride aside, stop stressing.

Learn from a loss, make it a lesson.


Goodnight, it's been a long day.

Nothing left to tend, to.

Don’t forget to pray…

And do it all over again.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



Wakey, wakey

rise and shine

okey, dokey



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