Tune/Womb (For Rachel)


Your heart beats in me
Thumping, thumping
You kick with your feet
Thumping, thumping

Drummer girl you dance
Along in my womb
You prance and dance
To Lullaby's sung to you

Oh bye, oh bye
Your father said to you
Some try, yes they try
Yet they never do

One time without protection
Not protection from you
But protection from the pain
That would be born with you

Never again would love be same
Men would leave as they came
Now it's time for you my child
No man shall know your name

Till he learns to respect you
To respect overpowering love
Bullets fly, so will I, no one
Comes between, especially a guy

He made promises that turned lies
He told me he'd be for your life
He told me so many things
He told me any damn thing

Actions have yet to speak
So much as a whisper
The road is becoming bleak
Only you are my lifter

So small, so much strength
Comes from you, my son
You shine, so love lives
Only for you, the one

Don't follow me little one
This hatred lives in me
Anger and doubt that births misery
I refuse to accept defeat

Teenage girl, pregnancy
Stereotypes won't live for me
I'll scratch, crawl, and fight
I will make things right

Cause my life hasn't been decided
I'll live life like a book, I'll write it
No one can even hope to plagiarize it
Because this was written with nights
I had murder in my eyes
Times that I cried

All of myself for you, FOR YOU
You are my reason, for being
Not an excuse, you are Jesus
God, Angel, against all demons

Your heart with mine
Living in my womb
You and I together
One fateful tune.


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