Tue, 08/04/2015 - 02:09 -- Zmthall

Life is so mysterious,
Also very precarious.
It can get tedious,
Unless you are spontaneous!
Life can be a hindrance,
Hidden from the brilliance,
Difficult to make a difference,
Because of all the ignorance!!
Life is so prolific,
Absolutely terrific,
While it can be horrific,
When it is not specific!
Life can amaze you,
If you change your point of view,
Or even some of the things you do,
Just to make some things feel new!
Life is so interesting,
So many things to be witnessing,
And places to be visiting,
And sounds for your listening!
Life can be monotonous,
A black hole that is bottomless,
Filled up with incompetence,
That's effecting your own cognizance!

I wrote this to inform,
To share life's many differences,
Change your life, change your norm,
And make your own experiences!
Because Life is what you make it,
You truly must admit,
So make it how you see fit,
Or you might as well just quit!
the life you live is up to you,
No one else is guiding,
So don't let your fears accrue,
just keep on driving!

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