A Second LIfe


If you were to ever be looking for me

I'll be where I feel the most free

Standing with my feet in the water


Wondering about a second life


Waiting to see
When and where the sun meets the sea 
You will find me where the tides touch the sky 
Where the fire red

Meets the ocean blue                             
Where sun rays reach out to fly 
Watching such a sight helps me realize
As time goes by 
Like as if it were human
The beauty of a sunset soon dies 
It fades into dark 
Nothing left but the stars shining bright
Light years apart

Out there...
Somewhere unknown


What would a second life be like
Is it heaven 
Is it  home  

Is it trapped out there

All alone


Is there excitement


Peaceful silence


Is there such thing as time there 
Or perhaps…

It is endless


Is there sanity in a second life
Or maybe…

Joyful madness


If  it ends…
Does it come again 
Or might it…

Only last a couple moments


Is  t h e r e…

A better place than  h e r e

It makes me wonder what another life is
If we get another life out there

Or is it possible…


This is our only life



Is it truly  p r i c e l e s s


I do not know but I can say this

If you were to ever be looking for me 
I'll be right where I feel the most free

Standing with my feet in the water

Watching the sunrise 
Because it reminds me of us all
It has a rise and fall
And yet still…

Every moment of it is precious 
Just like the miracle that this thing called life is

The highs and the lows

In the end…

Just like a sunrise or sunset

They both...


L e a v e  u s  e q u a l l y  a s  b r e a t h l e s s 


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