Just F'ing Live

Kid you've got to live

Kid you've got to inhale this air and pass the puff puff bc a plant will never be greater than a tree

Plant a seed and spend hours watching it grow

You've got to wake up at 4 in the morning brew some black coffee beans and stare at the birds camoflauged in the darkness of the dawn

You've got to open a random page of the biggest book you can find in the nearest bookstore and imagine yourself in that body place day hour minute second and scent of that scene described

You've got to sit next to someone on the train and reflect off of their life journey from a conversation about the time

You've got to come home from a bad day in the world and burn your skin with a hot shower

Then you've got to pour a gallon of ice cold water over your head and experience the temper chill

Go ahead kid, wash your striped bedsheets twice a fucking day because you love the fresh aroma of tide you bought for four dollars at shoprite

You've got to stop taking everything so goddamn personal

You are not the moon kissing the black sky

You've got to compliment someone's crooked smile and reassure them that theres no reason to fix what God already put their paintbrush on

You've got to walk up to the brown eyed girl that keeps her gaze low and tell her that her eyes remind you of the pure sweet honey the bees of life buzz out

Remind mother that you love her nature

You've got to stop letting yourself worry ahout that pop quiz that wont matter in two years

You've got to live kid

You've got to wake up before the sunrises and drive 100 miles down north to delaware river just to take in the scene with a picture perfect sunrise

Kid you've got to live like youre Adam with Eve

Turn off that fucking alarm clock so your body can wake you up

You've got to feel alive not just party live

Sleep in on saturday mornings

You've got to quit racing with the pace of time

You've got to stop worrying about an excuse for when your parents find out

You've got to take a 6 in the morning run to welcome the sun with energy

You've got to stop asking everyone for their opinions

Fuck it

You've got to love yourself kiddo

Forget about whether you have spinach between your teeth or if its too late to blast Bohemian rhapsody and just fucking live.


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