The Danger

Sat, 03/22/2014 - 16:01 -- popo

It's great to see technology increase for the better good.
It's great to see people control manual robots for precise surgeries.
It's great that deaf people can hear, and soon blind people will see.

But it's not great to see everyone on their individual devices,
when there's best friends around them.
It's definitely not great to be watching smartphones rather than
the family gathering for the SuperBowl.

Technology is used for the better good.
Not for the dangerous separation of humanity.

This needs to change.

Learn to give. Learn to go out. Learn to live for the world.

While UNICEF uses all their effort to stop preventable disease,
people are sitting on their couches, on their smartphones.
While someone out there is trying to find the cure for cancer,
a student is on their laptop instead of studying.
While someone out there is saving a life for a better life back home,
a depressed one wants to commit suicide.

What's so amazing in that or those devices,
that no one is noticing the world they're living in?



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