Skipping daintily on his merry little toes

The Pied Piper plays his tune.

And laughing happily as he goes

His eyes do glisten like the moon.


He beckons on with fiery force

Yelling out to younglings “come”.

And like a snake he does coerce

All the targeted to run.


They come at full pace

Sensing the fun

Yelling and picking up friends as they go.

All in a race

To be the ones

To know just what the Piper knows.


He drags them in with inviting arms

Scooping them up like golden loot.

They do believe his intentions are warm,

Of his gay life they are in pursuit.


They die to know the key to the way

He plays his song that seems so right.

And so they follow day by day,

Over the mountains and through the night.


He says “c’mon, the world is bright

You ought to fill it with lovely tunes”.

And they love him so that they make little pipes

And play in the way that he plays, too.


So, now that they’re tied tight to his rear,

He can make them do whatever he wants.

Because they do all live in fear,

That if they don’t follow, cool they’ll be not.


So they drag along, tired and weak,

Ready to die, to disappear.

And all of the old, the strong and the meek

Are wishing they did never hear.


And so they all say,

That to this day

By the light of the moon,

You can still hear the Piper

And all his mates,

Who regret that they ever did swoon.


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